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The idea of dividing up a home into “Zones”, came from Richard and Linda Eyre’s book “Three Steps to a Strong Family” I read many years ago. I loved this idea because I have a lot of children like the Eyre’s do and it has passed the test of time for our family year after year.

What are Zones and how do they work?

Basically you divide up your home into areas or Zones.  Each member of the family will be assigned to a Zone (or Zones) and it is their responsibility to keep that area clean and orderly.  My children sometimes have more than one Zone and some have only one, but everyone has a Zone to be a steward over.  One year I came up with a brilliant idea to name the Zones by color: Red Zone, Blue Zone, etc.  Soon I realized that everyone became confused and forgot which color went to which area of the house. It was a flop.  So to simplify, I scrapped the color code idea and went with the names of the home area: Living Room Zone, Hall & Dining Room Zone, Kitchen Zone.

Here are the Zones of my home to give some ideas:


Living Room Zone:   living room, entry, front porch

Office Zone: office/piano room

 Family Room Zone:   family room, office nook, dining nook

Laundry Room Zone:   laundry room, hallways, mud room

Kitchen Zone:  kitchen, outside patio

Bonus Room Zone: bonus room, hallways, stairs

Garage Zone:  garages


Family Room Zone:  family room, table area, theater room

Exercise  Zone:  exercise area, stairs, hallway, laundry room

Playroom Zone:   playroom, treehouse room

Storage Zone: storage rooms

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  1. I love the Eyre’s! I faithfully read their daughter’s blog everyday!! Shawni is pretty much amazing!! I even got her to do a fin fun giveaway in Aug. of 2011…sales really went up that month. Also, I see you like NieNie. She too did a post in her blog about fin fun. We sent her some tails and in July of 2011 she listed those mermaid tails as one of her favorite summer items. Go check it out in archives. Both Shawni and Stephanie are incredible examples!!
    Shawni’s blog:

    October 6, 2012
    • I know, the Eyre’s are amazing people. I look up to them in so many ways. I didn’t know that Stephanie liked and had our tails. Cool!! I will definitely check that out. She’s become someone I respect so much. I am a little slow with all the rage of blogging. 🙂

      October 6, 2012

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