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Wired For Joy

Stress is part of life.  But lately, stress has been getting the better of me and my family.  I pulled out a book that I had read over ten years ago that taught me skills to help manage my stress and to declutter my emotional shall we say, baggage.  I then found some newer books the author had since written and since I love the title “Wired for Joy” I bought the Kindle version and started reading it.

Bang! Pow!  What a book!

For me, it was exactly what I have needed to learn how to deal with the stress in my life and to learn new skills to keep from going batty or better yet psycho with all the chaotic and difficult plates I am spinning in my life.

I don’t want to create sickness and disease in my life because I don’t want to face or don’t know how to face the stressful situations and feelings I have. I am tired of blaming other people (sorry EB) for all the baggage I have buried deep inside me that paralyzes me when I encounter stress and negative life situations.

Chocolate binges, exercise mania and spending money are not the answers to dealing with stress and when I am feeling negative and icky feelings about myself.  This book is changing my coping strategies and how I relate to myself, EB and everyone in my life. It is showing me how to create more joy in my life even when and especially because stress is all around, all about, and all through my life.

I love that word…JOY.


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