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Trip to Tucson

We headed down to Tucson the morning of June 29, 2017.

Before we left, we said goodbye to our very first, 41 day old grand baby, Lillian, which was so much harder than I had anticipated. Much more agonizing.  It was not a fun family prayer before we left. Sigh.

We also said goodbye to the other children, the married’s, took a picture far away so no one could see the tear stained faces, and then jumped into the packed truck and drove away from our home and from normal life.


We now have an Arizona Tucson Mission family, and then the married’s in Ohio and Idaho.

The Arizona Tucson Mission Family

Here are some photos of the LONG trip down via Cedar City UT, Las Vegas NV, Kingman AZ, Phoenix AZ, and then to Tucson AZ.

All the pictures of us outside, it was so so so so hot! It was over 108 degrees if not more.

This is our very first day of our mission, July 1, 2017.

We woke up, put on our missionary badges, and headed over to the mission home to take over the reigns. It was a sunny, beautiful day, but it was a day we will never forget!





And I cannot forget to show all of the new beautiful friends we met…these unique Tucson cactus and plants.

How we will be so familiar with them over the next three years, but that first morning we couldn’t stop looking and taking pictures of them.





And notice…..no green grass, but look at those BLUE BLUE skies!!


We are here ready to get to work.


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  1. Karen Browning says:

    You were pretty quiet about how hard it was to leave. These are tough growing experiences, but you are doing it so well. Love you.

  2. It is about time we hear something, Jana!! We love you all and pray for you. Those missionaries are so blessed right now!! We miss you.

  3. Audrey Dexter says:

    You both will be a wonderful influence on those missionaries! Excited for your new adventure and all the lives you will bless! (I played many tennis matches against Tucson teams when I was at Douglas High School…besides our trips there for dental, shopping & visiting Haymore relatives!! Tucson is usually a bit cooler than Phoenix!! I’m sure it doesn’t feel a bit cool!) We’ll miss you guys!!!!

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