Marriage is simple most days and then complicated the rest of the time.  I love being married and feel so blessed and snicker-doodle smart in marrying my honey, EB.

I feel like I have won the lottery of life with him and I hope that I live, love and serve EB the way he deserves.

I am far from being perfect when it comes to my wifely duties and I struggle with many things that EB would agree with. But I am trying to be perfect in keeping my covenants I made to EB and God the day we were married.

Marriage is a process and journey that cannot be neglected or taken for granted.

As husbands and wives we must patiently nourish and keep one another as our top priority even above our children and other family obligations.

We must keep the roots healthy to our family tree by having a robust and joyful marriage.

A healthy marriage creates healthy children and a loving marriage creates a loving home. A marriage of sacrifice and unselfishness yields amazing fruit both seen and unseen.

And when we have a peaceful home and loving marriage…

God is pleased.


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