The Courage of David

No wonder I married EB.

I was a witness to an amazing display of courage and out right FAITH.

EB did an amazing feat: he sang in front of many many people and a full orchestra.  Would the average person do that?  I think not.

Now let me share some background.  EB has never had one voice lesson let alone a consultation.  Yet he went in front of hundreds of people, singing Handel’s Messiah which is not your average music, and singing along side three soloist that WERE trained and very gifted.

I was so proud of him sitting on that stage and singing like Pavarotti.

I was so proud of him agreeing to sing just because the director had a prompting or feeling that he should be one of the soloist.

I was so proud of him as I sat right in the front rows smiling my head off.

He reminded me of David going up against Goliath but this David had a killer voice, suit and black silk tie.


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