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The Best 4th of July Ever!!

Elder B Trout came home on July 4, 2012.  His plane landed at the Idaho Falls, Idaho, Airport at 2:41 pm. Many of our family and friends were there to welcome B Trout home.  Plus, there were four other missionaries that came home on that same flight.  Needless to say, the place was packed with excited people, signs, banners, balloons, and lots of happy cheers.
Here are some pictures that visually show what a joyful and memorable day it was. 
A BIG thank you goes out to Adie (B Trout’s Aunt),
who captured these precious moments for us.   
I am just a tad excited for 2:41 pm.
The short 12 minute drive to the airport was killing me!
Lots of smiles and butterflies waiting for Elder B Trout.
Is that him? No.Wait, is that him? Yes! No.
Here he comes down the stairs!!!!!  Ahh!!!!!
 Mom gets the first hug!!
OK, now everyone just pile on 🙂
Dad finally gets a hug.
B Trout and JuBean personally meeting for the first time.
Our red, white, and blue family portrait 
in honor of the day (4th of July) and of course the Twins. 
Go Minnesota Twins!
Welcome home Elder B Trout!  

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