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T-Bob is now Elder T-Bob

I can now put these pictures up because the passing of time has made it a little easier.
The month of February was a procession of parties, bashes, and T-Bob getting a lot of attention.  He spoke in our church on Feb 12, 2012 and did a great job.  He even memorized “The First Vision” in Russian.  It was heart warming to see all the support from family and friends. I only felt like I fed the 5000 a few times this month 🙂
Here is a collage of pictures in honor of T-Bob.
T-Bob is now Elder T-Bob and off for two years.  We will miss you Elder T-Bob but can’t wait to hear about all your many adventures and stories.  Our hearts are bursting with love and gratitude for your willingness and dedication to serve the people of Russia.  We love you!!

Elder T-Bob
February 2012

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