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September, October, and November 2019

One thing is certain and predictable, life is full when you juggle multiple hats.

That is where I have been over these past months.

Here are some pictures to highlight these bygone months.

**JuBean with her Primary class seeds in full bloom. (Thank you Brother and Sister Busby for teaching about faith and being wonderful Primary teachers in our Campbell Ward!)


**Our solar system object lesson. The earth is the peppercorn and the basketball the sun. Can’t remember what the exercise ball is….


** Yummy Oreo Moon phases.












**Dissecting a Barrel cactus fruit.


**More science!! Condensation…..water cycle!


** Growing crystals. This experiment was, shall we say, a flop.



** A little FAMILY TIME… even with EB, Dad.


** Family at the theatre!


** From my morning walk…amazing beauty in the desert.


**JuBean’s adorable Activity Day craft.


**Eboo receiving her patriarchal blessing. Powerful spirit!


**Barrel Cactus flowers. Just stunning.


**Coconut turning one. Yay!


**EB turning ____.  Yay!


**Elder Babups in South Africa


**Baby Braybray getting so big.

**Vendor food at the Tucson “Meet Yourself” folklife festival



**Homemade gingersnaps!


**Hands down, the best key lime pie out there! Thanks CPK.


**Coconut visiting from Idaho.













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