No Egg Chocolate Cake Recipe

You want chocolate cake, but as you rummage through the fridge…no eggs! Ugh! Here is a chocolate cake recipe I ran into on YouTube that doesn’t need those elusive eggs. The recipe is from Jenny Jones on her YouTube channel “Jenny Can Cook”,┬ácalled Easy Chocolate Cake. (Yes, that Jenny Jones from the 90’s daytime talk…

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Fabulous February 2020

February is a “leapy” one this year. We get an extra day. Let’s go explore!   And one more special thing this month…..NEWS of another grand baby on it’s way! Thanks JQ and C$ for sending us another grandson!  

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September, October, and November 2019

One thing is certain and predictable, life is full when you juggle multiple hats. That is where I have been over these past months. Here are some pictures to highlight these bygone months. **JuBean with her Primary class seeds in full bloom. (Thank you Brother and Sister Busby for teaching about faith and being wonderful…