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One Last Week with JQ

All five sons 2006
All five sons 2006

My third son, JQ, is leaving next week and won’t be home for two years.

I have one last week with him and then he is gone to be “all grown up”.

Getting his mission call
Getting his mission call

In my patriarchal blessing it said my children would “grow up around” me.


It has been such a blessing to have my JQ here around me, almost 24/7.

He seriously has been such an easy son to love and to raise.

 JQ, thank you for that.

Our little Sumo Baby
Our little Sumo Baby
Love the hat and slippers!
Love the hat and slippers!
One of my favorites of little JQ
One of my favorites of little JQ
A Mother's day gift when JQ was in nursery
A Mother’s day gift when JQ was in nursery

I mean, I wouldn’t mind him staying another 18 years, 24/7 around me.

Really… I wouldn’t mind.


But as everyone agrees, JQ would mind.

I pray when he gets home in two years, and he is finding his way in life

JQ’s way will be very close to our way.

I love our JQ.

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes!

    1. Thanks honey. Those pictures seem just like yesterday, don’t they. Love you.

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