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A New Nightly Christmas Tradition

I believe this new Christmas tradition I started this month (Dec 1) will stand along side those mega mammoth traditions that our family has deemed immovable-traditions and that are here-to-stay-FOREVER traditions.

I’ll share some of those family favorite traditions later but today I wanted to share this brand new tradition that I pinned to my Traditions Pinterest Board.

Yep, another pin!

Here is what you do.

Get 25 Christmas books. Make sure that each book can be read in less than 10 minutes–reading one book every night until Christmas night.

I have a range of some that I can read in 2 minutes and then some can take about 7-10 minutes. It all depends on the crowd you are reading to.  I have a huge range of children so my choice of books is wide.

Wrap these books in Christmas wrapping paper and put them in a cute container.


I put mine in this adorable sleigh I have had for years.

The wrapped books fit perfectly!


Every night, a child gets to choose a present, unwrap it and then EB or myself reads it to the family all snuggled up by the Christmas tree.

Most of the books I chose are centered on Christ and the true meaning of Christmas, but there are a few of the old favorite secular books my children have always loved.

I bought a lot of the books just for this year, but I had a good ten or so books already that we always read at Christmas time that my children already know.

So far, it has been delightful.

I wish, I wish I would have started this when my older children were young.

The younger children get excited to pick and open these “presents” even though they know they are books, and the older ones haven’t complained yet ūüôā

I love how we are gathered as a family for the short time the book is read and then we have a small discussion afterward.

Family scriptures naturally follow the discussion and then we end with family prayer.

Simple. Sweet. Memorable.

I believe that’s why this new Christmas tradition will stick around.

What are some of your favorite Christmas books?

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  1. Oh how I love this tradition! We do it too…started on Dec. 1st. We turn off all of the lights and only have the tree lights on. Sometimes we use a flashlight, and the boys really enjoy that part! It is tradition that I buy one hardback Christmas book each year for Christmas. This year the boys got the new one out by Pres. Monson and the train when he was a boy. Shhhh…they don’t know until Christmas Eve.:) Last night we read, “Snow Angels”. Here are some favorites: Snowmen at Christmas, It’s Christmas-Poems by Prelutsky, The Polar Express, The Tale of Three Trees, Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury, Santa’s Favorite Story, The Crippled Lamb, One Winter Night, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Mary’s Baby, etc. I am excited to read about your new tradition!

    1. I love those books you have. What a great tradition you have created for your family. Like I said, I wish I would have started this right from the beginning. How fun to turn down the lights and just have the cozy glow of the Christmas tree lights. Thanks for the ideas!

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