Music is My Balm of Gilead

During General Conference yesterday and today, I was moved by the many quotes and the eloquently spoken words.

But for some reason, my soul was touched and inspired even more by the music that was shared during Conference.

Music does something inside me, and righteous music makes my soul soar with JOY.


I felt that joy again as I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing during the six hours of meetings.

Feeling that surge of complete beauty and spiritual high brought me back to days when I would play on the piano in college, all by myself, for hours on end.

I miss those practice rooms where it was just me, the piano, and music.

Those were spiritual moments when I would play with all my heart and soul and yet only have myself and the Lord hear it.

Here is one of the songs that deeply touches me and deeply affects me EVERY time I hear it. The words combined with the magnificent music lifts me up and I want to be a better person.

It did the same again today.

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