Music Can Change Your World

“Music can change the world.” Beethoven

Portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820


This morning, I was needing a boost to lift my mood, to lift my vision.

To be back in a place where I had started my trek.

So many times our eyes get lower and lower from the intense monotony of making things flow.

We grind, we work and battle through our days, never letting up or letting in what we simply need.

And with one song, a set of beats and a catchy melody, my eyes were lifted and my vision refocused again and clarified.

I remembered my WHY and my WHO.

I was back in the room where I started my journey.

And I remembered how I like to——dance!

Man, I need music.

STICKY NOTE ON MIRROR: Listen to more Kodaline !!

We all need music to change our worlds! Even if that world is inside our tiny little heads.

To broaden your scope, soothe your soul, or even motivate your feet, put in your headphones and change your world.

And for a short time…. have your “Head Held High” and be transported to your happy place.

“We’ve already invented a time machine it’s called music.” ~Brian Norgard


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