JuBean is Growing Up

Our little one, JuBean, is growing up.  
The older kids love to play with her and get her to do crazy things.
She is getting better at taking pictures, meaning, she doesn’t cry and scream when you point the camera at her.  

She does a quirky little smile now. 
Now that is progress.

Babups took this darling close up picture of JuBean.  
I think he’s got a knack for cameras.
In these pumpkin pictures, JuBean was playing “hard to get”.  

Even though she was all dressed up from top to bottom in cute-ness, she would not give me a smile.  

All she wanted to do was sit on the pumpkins like she was laying an egg.
I did not take this photo. 
Like I said, the kids like a good laugh.
JuBean got a good laugh out of it too.  

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