Is it Really December Tomorrow?

My mind has been in slow motion ever since the birth of JuBean, almost 4 months ago. But I still can’t figure out where all the time seems to go lately. Is it piled up in some black hole that also has those missing socks I can’t seem to find for the other pairs?

I always tell the kids as we start a new fresh year of school in September, “Just remember, it is going to be Christmas before we know it.” Yep, we are there again….it is December 1, 2011 with Christmas just a blink away. I feel too rushed, I feel too hurried by everything. Every time I go into Wal-Mart they are adding the next holiday’s (that is eons away) stuff to their shelves and I haven’t even caught on about the last holiday fixation. I think Wal-Mart has A.D.D. They are waaaaaay too hyper active in their shelf rotations. Any who, can’t we just slow down, savor our “Right Nows” and smell the hot chocolate?
Oh, that sounds good, hot chocolate. Mmmmm, I think I’ll go ponder and promise to enjoy my fleeting moments with the company of some warm, chocolatey goodness. Maybe I’ll also remember where those hijacked socks may be. What was I going to ponder about again?

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  1. Hot chocolate-yum! Four years ago you gave us a Cocoamotion for Christmas. We have a new tradition because of it…we have hot chocolate almost every night with marshmallows. We all look forward to it. Thanks for helping us enjoy being in the now.

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