In the Midst of a Storm

Right now we are in the middle of family trial that started Christmas Eve, 2012.
Our youngest son, Presto is battling HUS in Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.
HUS (Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome) is when the kidneys start to fail because of the E.coli bacteria.
We ask for your prayers for our little Presto.

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  1. Oh Jana. I was just looking at missionary blogs and read what Tanner said about his little brother. I decided to check out your blog as well. I am so sorry for your little guy!! That is terribly scary. Is he doing better yet? Are you still down in Utah or have you been able to go home again? We are just in Lehi(30 min from SLC) if you need ANYTHING! Seriously. Let me know. -Jenalyn

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