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Idaho Farm Boy Lessons

FarmBoy 1938 LegendsofAmerica.com
FarmBoy 1938 LegendsofAmerica.com

These axioms from a General Conference talk I heard recently really hit home with me.

Maybe it’s because I have been struggling and feeling overwhelmed with spring pruning and clean up of my large yard.

I feel the law of the harvest in my aching back, my sore fingers, and my ratty wind blown hair. (It blows all spring long!)

These six lessons are poignant to me as I am racing against the calendar to get my yard in shape for the summer and fall.

They also apply to absolutely everything we do. Don’t you think?

I love Idaho Boys!

Presto the cowboy
Presto the cowboy

Idaho Farm Boy Lessons

#1-  WORK–  if you don’t plant, you don’t harvest

#2-  WORK SMART– if you irrigate and fertilize, you harvest more

#3-  TIMING IS IMPORTANT– if you don’t plant at the right time, an early frost can destroy the harvest

#4-  DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE NO MATTER IF YOU WANT TO OR NOT– you milk the cows when she needs to be milked, not when you want to

#5-  BE DIRECT–  with livestock or machinery, you don’t have time to “beat around the bush” or be “politically correct”


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  1. Love this post! There is something special about Idaho Farm boys! My dad is one, and definitely one of the hardest workers I know!

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