I Recommitted This Morning

I read this quote by Neal A. Maxwell this morning and it made me take a closer look at my whiny complaints for the “stern seasons” and difficult days in my life.   

The very process of daily living makes and breaks followers.  Life’s stern seasons and storms overturn those not grounded and rooted.  However those who “believe and are sure” about Jesus’ divinity do not panic, for instance, at the arrival of a new volley of fiery darts; they merely hold aloft the quenching shield of faith.

(NAM, Ensign, Nov, 1988 p 32.)

Am I “grounded and rooted” in my Savior and His ability to succor me in my weaknesses?  Am I able to hold my shield of faith steady when those blazing darts bombard me from all around?  I recommitted this morning to build my faith every day and make sure I am not a broken complaining follower but one that keeps my head level and does not panic or lash out with fear because of the storms that seem to “overturn” my perfect plans. I recommitted this morning to endure with faith in Jesus Christ so that I can have a  calm confidence to cope and stand firm waiting for that bright and sunny day that will eventually come after the storms have passed through.

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