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A Ray of Hope Pierces the Darkness annvoskamp.com


Today may just be an ordinary day for the majority of us around the world.

But today may happen to be a bleak and tragic day somewhere, somehow, and for someone.

I’ve had those days, and I’m sure there will be more.

I remember thinking to myself, “Everyone else is just going about their day as usual, but here I am struggling to find breath, to find hope, to see any type of light in the darkness.”

For those that are having days, weeks, and months like that, just know, there is hope. Whatever is happening today, light will return into your future days.

Just face the Light, take His hand, and hold on as tight as you can. Patiently go one day at a time, moving forward as best you can in His care.

Hope will come in different ways: a person, a message, a song, or a sunrise you’ve watched appear after you’ve sobbed all night.

Please do not give up or give into despair.

The light will come. Peace will return.

“The Hope of God’s Light” Dieter Uchtdorf

Inspirational message for finding hope.

“A Ray of Hope Pierces the Darkness” annvoskamp.com

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