High Five for Spring

I am happy and relieved that it is finally the month of March.


My December, January and even February seemed to painfully inch along and last for what it seemed like years…cold, windy, icky years.

With everything that has happened to our family since Dec 23, 2012, I am so grateful for the hope of spring even more.

Literally, I need spring.

I need the warmer climate, even if it is just 10-15 degrees warmer than winter.

I need to be outside and feel the sunlight as I dig and putter around my yard and garden.

I need the energy that you get as you see the multitudes of colors that take your breath away after enduring a freezing bleak and grey winter.


I guess I need the newness of life to bring the feeling back that all will be well and that our family can enjoy life again.

The hope of green grass returning and hearing those melodious birds again has me all tingly and giddy.

High five for spring.  No, high ten for spring!

Temple Square flowers

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  1. You deserve to have a wonderful spring…and year for that matter! I just know that “all will be well” with your family! I would love to help you work in your yard and help you with your side garden by the out building! Seriously, just let me know and I am there!

    1. How can I refuse an offer like that from a green thumb like you! The side area is a weed patch and eye sore and needs some TLC that is for sure.

      1. Let me know when you want to do it!!! Totally serious!!!

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