Gratitude Sabbath- I Love My Tool

I think I am a doofus or am just a materialistic snob.

But, I have to say that today I am grateful for my phone and all that is does for my life.  Shallow, I know.


I am totally lost without this amazing, no,… brilliantly amazing technological wonder.  What did I do without my phone before?  How did I go anywhere or do anything without a phone?  Is there life after an iPhone?

Going to town yesterday with my phone NOT working was awful.  I couldn’t find Dolly M’s friend that would be meeting up with us at the Symphony because Dolly M’s friend had the tickets.  There was no way I could find out the time of the Symphony while I was on the other side of town because I couldn’t call and check!!  I couldn’t call EB and notify him that I would be late because I was at the Symphony, waiting.  I felt so helpless and ….I guess the word is…lost.

I hope I can get this issue fixed so I can function again and live with more efficiency.  Thank you  innovators for this astoundingly helpful piece of my life, my phone.

That which ye have had, and then have not, that will ye love all the better. 

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  1. Hope you get your iphone fixed ASAP…so you can function again! 😉 Sometimes I want to throw my iphone out the window because I am on it so much…life in a way would be more simple without it.

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