Grateful Sabbath- Naps and Autumn Leaves

Yep, that is what I am grateful for today, good long restful naps and autumn leaves that make me ooh and ahh just like on the Fourth of July.

I am sure that I have not napped like I did today in probably two years or so.  Maybe it was the fact that I was at a peaceful cabin surrounded by the eye popping autumn folage. Or maybe it was because my honey, EB, was around to shoo away children and let me sleep. Either way, it felt mighty fine to just snooze and snooze and snooze.  Ahhhhh.  Now I feel rejuvinated, happy with life, focused and ready for the new week ahead.

The leaves and picturesque scenery also made an impact on me this weekend.  As we were driving up to the cabin, I was overwhelmed with the vibrant pockets of yellow, orange, and red I saw dotted throughout the Idaho mountains.  I thought in my mind, and then said it aloud to my family, “What a brilliant idea God had to make the leaves show vibrant and gorgeous colors right before they fall off the trees.” How fitting to make a colorful statement or give one last “hurrah!” to summer and the pleasant weather with bursts of yellow, orange, and red– kind of like fireworks but in the month of October.

Simply put— when life gets overwhelming, take a nap!  Then, get out of your four walls and see the bigger picture. I promise, you’ll feel much much better.

Happy Sabbath 🙂

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