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Grandpa Babups


“Grumpy Grandpa” is what I call this picture.

I was just trying to get a close up of him but he wasn’t one bit amused.


Now this cute-bushy-mustache Grandpa look is more appealing, Babups.

Our iFamily home school play “Everybody Nose”, was a hit a couple of weeks ago.

Babups played the story telling, Grandpa/narrator in the play which entailed fairies, princesses, enchanted forests, and a handsome prince that had a really super big, big, big nose.

(CaRynn working her magic aging Babups 50+ years.)


The cast and crew were fabulous and entertaining and the costumes, makeup, hair and scenery–I’d say were quite superb.

I just love live entertainment that is wholesome and well done.

Thanks goes out to Heather F. (and all the other Moms) for their efforts and sacrifice to make another production wonderfully successful.

I tell you…home school Moms ROCK!

(Which reminds me–that is another post for another time.)

APPLAUSE for all you adorable performers. I enjoyed every minute!



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