General Conference Oct 2012- Saturday Afternoon Notes

L.Tom Perry

Eternal Marriage

The family is being attacked

Teaching in the home is the most important.  More important than church and school.

ways to safeguard our family

1) Pray for help to guide the children

2) Hold FHE, scripture study, eating dinner together

3) Communicate with the teachers in the church for children’s needs

4) Share testimonies often with children

5) Organize families for righteous family culture

Teach by example as well as by precept

Parents work out a partnership for a strong family culture

M Russell Ballard

Beehive analogy–all together we can change the world

Larry Echo Hawk

Are you a Mormon?

Yes, I am a Mormon and I believe that the Book of Mormon is true

Robert C. Gay

Would you sell your soul for a nickel?

It is easy to get caught up in the world

Petty sins, Satan wins

Look to submit to the will of God

Will we shrink when the Lord asks of us hard things?

I will give away all my sins, big or small, my excuses, personal pride, doing things our way

Personally avoid all Worldliness

Orphan boy losing his daily earnings—–God is mindful of the individual

We must listen to the Spirit regardless of our fears and inconveniences

It is not enough to avoid evil, we must find the lost, the last

Sophisticated neutrals….  exchange our sins for being employed in God’s service

Our testimony is our most treasured possession

Scott D. Whiting

Holiness to the Lord  The House of the Lord

Temples are sacred

Only the Lord knows if we have done our best

We should move quickly to repent….the Lord knows us so well

We need to do our best and eliminate flaws and imperfections in ourselves so we can stand in holy places

Neil L. Andersen

The gift of faith is a priceless gift

Work to strengthen our faith

Trial of your faith-these fiery trials are to test you

Trials are camouflaged

How do you remain immovable?

Exercise faith in Christ, pray, read scriptures

Distancing yourself from God’s church during trials is not helpful

Within the sanctuary of the Church, your faith is fostered

In the ordinances the power of God is manifested

No trial is so large we cannot get through it together

So as the heaven is higher than the earth, are my ways higher than your ways

If men build on the rock of Jesus Christ, they cannot fall

With faith comes trials of faith for increased faith.

Hold on.  Fear not.  For God shall be with you forever and ever.

Dallin H. Oaks

Our responsibility to protect children

All children are children of God

Children need others to speak for them

Put their needs in front of adult selfish wants

Diminishing birth rates are from abortions

Be more loving and helpful to children

For children, marriage matters

Unite to protect children all over the world–they are the future

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