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GAPS & SCD Diets

I have been studying about the GAPS diet off and on for over a year now.  I felt very drawn to it and to find all I could about this diet and the theory behind it. As I read and researched more and more, I realized the depth and difficulty of it all. To fully implement this diet with the size and varying ages of my family seemed too hard and maybe even impossible.  So I did nothing.

But with Presto developing HUS this past December, I now have a new motivation to take the GAPS philosophy to heart and to actually do it this time– not just read about. I wish I had just acted on my prompting a year ago even though it meant I would have to delve into another unpopular and very odd practice…again.

Here is the website that will explain this crazy diet adventure I have begun at our household.  Maybe I’ll get brave and blog about our results, but then again maybe not.  We shall see how hard it is and if I can even get on the computer ever again.  Heaven help me!


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