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What is this?  I think I was a little too excited with the alliteration that went along with Friday.

Any who…

I want my Fridays to be freeing and liberating.  I have always pined for having two Saturdays in my week, and even though I can’t do that technically, I will try to make my Fridays a close cousin to my not-long-enough Saturdays.

I need Freeing Fridays to be a day to free my house of it’s clutter, to free my mind of negative thoughts, to free my routine of those pesky boring have to do’s, to free my family of mundane lunches, to free my fridge of science moldy projects…get the jist?

This may be hard to keep up with and it may take a while to FREE myself from one of the ideas above, but I won’t worry too much because I am freeing myself of perfection 🙂

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