First Snow of the Season

It snowed today!

Presto ran all around the house this morning letting everyone know…

“It snowed! It snowed!”

So later this afternoon, I had to go out and get some “First Snowfall” shots.

Presto was caught this morning in ALMOST full snow gear.

He has thought of everything…well… maybe not.

Can you find the important thing he forgot to put on?

Eboo and Presto tenderly creating Snowy the Ghost.

And don’t forget, the goggles are very important in making those snow ghosts 🙂

A close up of our first Snowy the Ghost.

I went around my yard and looked for interesting things to photograph.

I didn’t stay too long because the wet snow was making my feet and hands cold.


Here’s to more snow days… until the excitement wears off and we are pining for the green again.

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