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Grateful Sabbath- Extended Family Joy

Family.  Family.  Family.

What would our existence be without family?  What would our lives look like without family?

My family is everything to me, and today I am especially grateful to my extended family, my husband’s family, as they have doused my world and my children’s world  with spurts of joy, fun, and acceptance .

When our family gets together we are loud, we eat too much food, and we laugh and hug everyone when we greet and when we say goodbye. (That’s a lot of hugs.) But it feels so refreshing to have those moments where you pause your weighing worries for an afternoon and you just sit and visit in your brother and sister-in-laws living room soaking up the joyful family togetherness.

Three adorable nephews…family is the best!

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  1. Awww!!! Thanks for this post!!! Hope it is okay if I take/copy some of these pictures.?.

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