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Egg Carton Bats

Here is the egg carton bat Halloween craft we made from one of my Pinterest pins.

What I liked about this craft…EASY and kids will finish it!

Items Needed:

  1. Egg cartons (recycled cardboard is best)- one bat has three cups
  2. Scissors
  3. Black paint and paint brush
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Glue (I used a glue gun)
  6. Yarn or string to hang the bat (I used black yarn)

Take an egg carton and take off the lid (I just ripped this recycled carton).

Then rip the bottom in half.

And then rip that in half, again.

One more time, rip the six cups in half to make a three cup bat 🙂

Trim around edges of the cups of any jagged pieces.

Cut out triangles to make the bat wings look…uh…wingy.

Now you are ready to paint inside and out.

We painted them black but you can do whatever color floats your boat.

Let dry fully.

Ours took a good half of a day to dry.  Better yet, let them dry overnight.

Glue gun the goggly eyes on the side you cut out the wings.

Take the yarn cut the length you desire and then fold it in half.

Tie a bow in the middle of the yarn and glue the bow to the the top of the middle cup.

Knot the two ends and there you have a flying bat!

Bat-fully adorable.

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