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Eboo’s Birthday

Our Eboo turned 9 this last week.  She is in her last single digit number and I am trying to remember where all those 9 years went.
Eboo is our 2nd daughter and 6th child.  When Dolly M was 5, she told me that she was going to pray for a sister because she had too many brothers.  At that time, Dolly M was the only girl in the family with 3 older brothers above her and one beneath her.
And so….Dolly M’s prayers worked, because our little Eboo was born right after those prayers were offered. Dolly M finally had a little sister!
We adore our sweet Eboo.  She has the most tender heart, obedient spirit, and gorgeous blue eyes.
Happy birthday Eboo!
Not only are you a boost to the female population in our home, but you are a light to our family.
 We all love you and are so grateful you were sent to our home.

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