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Eboo Our Sweetie

It is Eboo’s birthday and I want her to know how grateful I am to be her mother.

She is one special girl.

But please stop growing up so fast.

You know that child that is the kind, soft spoken, yet funny, playful and has a contagious adorable laugh?

That is our Eboo.

You know that child that seems to be more willing to help, is the first to thank you for something, and hardly ever has a bad day?

That is our Eboo.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such a sweetie, but thank you Lord for sending Eboo to our family.

She makes us all smile (especially JuBean), laugh, and glad that we are her family.

At age five, Dolly M, prayed for a sister and we are EXTREMELY thankful God answered that prayer.

We love you Eboo.  Happy Birthday!!

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