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Detox Water- Pinterest

detox water

I made this easy  and refreshing Detox Water last night and let it sit overnight in the fridge.  It is two of my Pinterest recipe pins combined.  Detox water is great for supporting your liver in doing one of it’s jobs, detoxing our blood.

1 small apple (I used a Gala), cut into slices

1 lemon, cut into slices

1/2 cucumber, cut into slices

A bunch of mint leaves, just leaves (sorry you can’t see the mint leaves in the picture)

Put everything in a 2 quart glass jar, fill it up with water (filtered is best) and put a lid on. If you don’t have a 2 quart glass jar, just use a pitcher or half the recipe and use a quart jar.

If you like your water cold, let sit in the fridge overnight or let it sit on the counter for room temperature water.


I love the taste of this water but to get others opinions, I had my family test it out.  Here is what they said:

EB loved it and said it tasted very refreshing.  He likes lemon water but enjoyed the mild taste of cucumber in it.

JQ wasn’t too thrilled with the look of it, but after tasting it he said it was, “OK”. I asked if he would drink it on a regular basis and he replied, “ummm….probably not”.

Dolly M liked the flavor a lot.  She kept drinking it.

Eboo really liked it and said, “it tastes like lemons and then you taste the cucumber.”

Babups didn’t even want to try it. 🙁

Presto was pretty OK with it, and didn’t say too many descriptive words, but I could see it wasn’t his favorite drink.

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  1. Very clever…If you give a mom a muffin!!
    Good job, Alex!!
    I will have to try the detox water. I just got my foot zoned and found out my liver is in serious distress.

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