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To A Child-The Greatest Poem Ever Known

I have had this poem as a scrap piece of paper stuffed into my planners for years and years.

It’s one of those poems I am not sure where I found it, I just picked it up somewhere along the way.

All I know is that when I read it, I immediately loved it!

And just recently, I found out that this poem had a title!

“To A Child” ~Christopher Morley

Why do I love this poem so much?

#1) The poetic language was so beautiful and magical, something I had to read over and over to truly get what was being said. I love that about poetry… intrigue and discovery.

#2) The correct picture that this poem paints of children; the essence of being a child.

Here is the actual scrap of paper that I typed and printed out. As you can see, there is no title. (So sorry Mr. Morley, I will handwrite the title on it after this post!)

To A Child 

Being a parent of many children, I could relate and understand exactly what the author (Christopher Morley) was expressing.

Simply, children are like poetry and are “lovely” little cherubs oozing with innocence, acceptance, faith, confidence and self assuredness.

They don’t worry over the future and they enjoy the moments of life as they come.

Children are incredibly genuine and don’t get wrapped up or alarmed over things they can’t understand or control. They welcome change and “conundrums” (love that word!) with style and ease.

In todays terms that would be CHILL, and go with the flow, baby!

Or my favorite, don’t take yourself too seriously!

How much we adults need those qualities!!

Innocence-Acceptance-Faith-Confidence-Self Assuredness-Genuineness

Now that was a dumbed down and brutally massacred synopsis of Christopher Morley’s gorgeous words. Sorry Mr. Morley.

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