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2020 Year in Review

What could have been better than this year?


However, to give the first year of a new decade a fair shake, the year 2020 did bless us in some very unexpected ways.

May I name my top 10?

  1. We learned how to make toilet paper stretch…enough said.
  2. We learned how much we NEED toilet paper…again, enough said.
  3. We learned to use home delivery services like a boss. Thank you Walmart Pickup!
  4. We learned to always have masks and hand sanitizer in our purse.
  5. We learned how to use the word “zoom” as a noun instead of an adjective.
  6. We learned how to dress up like doctors, dentists, and nurses wearing surgical masks at church, school and the grocery store.
  7. We learned how to communicate while wearing a mask…not an easy mask-task.
  8. We learned how to correctly wash our hands like we were in kindergarten …20 seconds people!
  9. We learned who the WHO was and what the heck an R Naught was not.
  10. We learned a new term, “social distance” and how to form a line in the store by finding and standing on the floor circles six feet apart.

But in all seriousness, and no matter your political leanings of “pro-masks” or “anti-masks”, I truly believe we learned a most important lesson: that life is a gift we must cherish to the fullest and to love each day we have with our besties…. our loved ones.

Review~July 2019

This last year of our mission, I am going to be more consistent in giving monthly summaries of the things we are experiencing. I am kicking myself I didn’t do this the first two years.

I will also try diligently to make them short and sweet.

First, we started our month with our two year anniversary of arriving in Tucson, AZ. Go here to see that very short post of pictures we took.  It all seems surreal and unbelievable that two years has past. But then again, we have traveled thousands of miles, been to so many places and met and loved gobs of good, salt-of-the-earth people that I can see how it has been two years. What a blessing though as we recommit and move forward with more determination to do our best and to give our everything this last year. Trek on!

At the airport heading off for Idaho.

Second, our three children still at home, Eboo, Presto & JuBean, headed up to Idaho by themselves for a little R & R with their older siblings and nieces. EB and I stayed in Tucson and held down the mission and traveled, went to conferences and interviews and kept busy with our missionary life. I do have to say that while the kids were gone I came to a strong realization that I do not like the idea of being an “Empty Nester”. Nope, nada. Thank goodness the grandchildren will fill in the gap of that awful empty space when all of our baby birds will be gone from our cozy little nest

As our kids were gone from Tucson, EB and I enjoyed our batch of Zone Conferences from July 9-10 and July 16-17. Zone Conferences are where all the missionaries in certain zones come together to be uplifted, trained and given new ideas about how to fulfill their purpose as missionaries. The first two conferences were in Tucson with the North, West, East, and South zones and then we traveled to the Gila Valley and Sierra Vista for the last two conferences and were able to enjoy all the missionaries in the Sierra Vista, Gila Valley and New Mexico zones.

How I treasure these times with our faithful, adorable and consecrated missionaries. The light from their eyes just sparkle and gleam with the light of Christ, and even though they are far from perfect, at least they are trying to be a little better today than yesterday.

BTW: If you see one of these blessed missionaries in your city or area, stop them, give them a drink of water and thank them for being who they are and making this world a better place! That will just make their day. And in return, I’m sure they have something for you in return that will make your day. Wait, stop, rewind. What I want to say is that I am positive they have something that will not only make your day, but it will make your life!

Lastly, JuBean finally turned eight! She has been waiting for this birthday for forever. Having parents that are ultra excited about baptisms, she has been more than ready to reach the age of accountability and be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! That event, her baptism will happen next month.

Happy Birthday JuBean!!







Top Two Reasons We Love July in Tucson, AZ

We love July in Tucson, AZ, for two reasons:

#1- We arrived in Tucson, AZ, on July 1, 2017. A time that has changed our lives for the better.

#2- The flavor of the month for July at Eegee’s is WATERMELON!!!  Our fave of all time.

July is a great time to be in Tucson, Arizona. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Family selfie on July 1, 2019

Family selfie on July 1, 2017

Selfie taken on July 1, 2017

Selfie taken on July 1, 2019

Walmart Pickup- The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Sliced bread has revolutionized the lunches and the french toast breakfasts of the world. Right? I think so!

Washing machines have freed humanity and enabled mankind to have mounds of clean clothing in a fraction of the time. Yes? Of course!

HOWEVER, right up there with sliced bread and washing machines has to be the delivery/shopping service from Walmart. Yes people…the heaven sent, glorious and grand Walmart Grocery PICKUP!!!

I cannot even talk about it without tearing up for I am a new person because of Walmart Pickup.

No, really. I am a changed grocery shopper.

I no longer despise and dread the drudgery of grocery shopping. Instead I giggle with glee as I drive up and drive away with all my groceries in five minutes or less. FIVE MINUTES!

BUT, there are more amazing benefits than just getting a giggle. Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • No more zombie strolling through the store, wondering what to buy, not wanting to be there.
  • No more list making on scratch pieces of paper (or going with no list at all). You just use your computer or phone at home and stroll around your kitchen, pantry, where ever, and putting your list items in your virtual cart. Plus, your favorites and preferred products that you always buy can be marked and saved for the next time you order and shop.
  • No more grabbing impulse items that you know you shouldn’t buy but are weak, tired, and vulnerable.
  • No more shopping awkwardly with a calculator to keep in budget to avoid the “shock and awe” at the register. Instead, you have a running total on your computer when you order at home and can keep that amount reigned in.

BOTTOM LINE: I save time, money, and sanity with this brilliant shopping service. Oh, what this could’ve done for me when I was a young mother with many children! Put years back on my life….

Wonder Bread and Mr. Maytag, I still respect and need you dearly.

And don’t worry, I’m not leaving you anytime soon.

 However, ORANGE is my new favorite color.

I love you Walmart Pickup.

(And don’t worry, I am not receiving one $ to post this. Now that is true love.)

It’s a “Marshmallow World”–NOT!

I have had it.

This cold weather is wicked.

Wickedly relentless.

 I do admit I’ve always loved the elegant and distinct beauty winter brings.

The white crystal flocked trees are breath taking.

But it’s not the mystical Elsa’s Ice Castle charm that I’m tired of–

it’s the bone-chilling-never-get-warm COLD I’m tired of.


Every morning, I see the same thing on my phone:

temperatures in the single digits or teens.

That is crazily nippy!

The sad thing is, my body is getting used to these frigid, freezer temps–

and I think my blood is thickening…. like… ketchup!


It’s so pathetic when I think that 33 degrees is tropical and a bit balmy. Sad, sad.

SnowDay_030107_02(rev 1)

I just checked, and we still have 40 days until spring.

But here where I live, that just means 40 more days to the beginning of “Spricky”.

{Translated: Spring and “icky” combined together to equal three drawn-out months of slow torment.}

I’ve tried every happy, positive winter time song to lift my spirits and to help me endure.

“It’s a marshmallow world in the winter…..”

Nope! Not helping.

Even my beloved steaming cup of hot cocoa lacks the magic it once afforded me.

Nope! Not helping.

OK, that’s it!

When the chocolate fix doesn’t fix any more… then I’m done!

Spricky, I better see you in 40 days.

I am now counting.

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