Thing-y Thursday

One Last Week with JQ

My third son, JQ, is leaving next week and won’t be home for two years. I have one last week with him and then he is gone to be “all grown up”. In my patriarchal blessing it said my children would “grow up around” me. I HAVE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THAT “GROWING UP“. It …

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Singing in the Trees

Dolly M and Eboo had a fun iFamily Choir excursion.  They sang at the annual Festival of Trees. With festive reds and blacks, and of course cute smiles (Hi Eboo!), they sang their hearts out and sounded great. But I’m just a little baffled at how it could be the holidays already. I think I’m …

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First Snow of the Season

It snowed today! Presto ran all around the house this morning letting everyone know… “It snowed! It snowed!” So later this afternoon, I had to go out and get some “First Snowfall” shots. Presto was caught this morning in ALMOST full snow gear. He has thought of everything…well… maybe not. Can you find the important thing …

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