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One Last Week with JQ

All five sons 2006

All five sons 2006

My third son, JQ, is leaving next week and won’t be home for two years.

I have one last week with him and then he is gone to be “all grown up”.

Getting his mission call

Getting his mission call

In my patriarchal blessing it said my children would “grow up around” me.


It has been such a blessing to have my JQ here around me, almost 24/7.

He seriously has been such an easy son to love and to raise.

 JQ, thank you for that.

Our little Sumo Baby

Our little Sumo Baby

Love the hat and slippers!

Love the hat and slippers!

One of my favorites of little JQ

One of my favorites of little JQ

A Mother's day gift when JQ was in nursery

A Mother’s day gift when JQ was in nursery

I mean, I wouldn’t mind him staying another 18 years, 24/7 around me.

Really… I wouldn’t mind.


But as everyone agrees, JQ would mind.

I pray when he gets home in two years, and he is finding his way in life

JQ’s way will be very close to our way.

I love our JQ.

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Singing in the Trees

Dolly M and Eboo had a fun iFamily Choir excursion.

 They sang at the annual Festival of Trees.

With festive reds and blacks, and of course cute smiles (Hi Eboo!), they sang their hearts out and sounded great.

But I’m just a little baffled at how it could be the holidays already.

I think I’m still stuck in September.

Any whoo, I walked around the forest of Christmas trees and snapped a few pictures of my favorites.

This tree was delightfully different and unique…just a snow man.

Great idea.

Reds and whites are SOO my favorite Christmas colors.

I loved the crowded and packed look of this tree…

I think I feel the Christmas mood coming on.

This small tree was very interesting and yet I couldn’t stop looking at it…trying to figure it out 🙂

Eboo drooled over this princess tree. The tiara on the top, so cute!

And even though I had to take my eyes and attention off the girls during their performance to get this photo of JuBean, it was so WORTH it.

She kept coming back to this “Winnie the Pooh” tree over and over and over.


I should make a wreath like this one since I have so many sheets of music laying around at home.



I loved this pinecone owl.

Can you see my reflection?  Ooops. Photography 101 no no.

Another red & white tree–love it!

This ice bird looks so real.

JuBean liked this penguin, she kept pointing at it.

I REALLY enjoyed this elegant tree with gold pinecones and brown colors.

It reminded me of the Christmas song “Silver and Gold”.

Couldn’t help but get a shot of my favorite instrument…the lovely baby grand.

And this guitar is for my two big sons that play these cool cat (and loud) instruments.

Fun, fun was our afternoon frolicking in the forest of Christmas trees.

Even though I am not mentally ready for the Christmas craziness to begin (I mean heavens we still have Thanksgiving in a week!),

 I do think today I became a little more in the mood for it.

I Had to Turn Off of the Road

It was getting late and I was LATE getting home from my errands.

The family was counting on me with my huge burban of goodies.

But, the day was so beautiful and I saw the river.  And the birds.

I had to turn off of the road and get them.

Just gorgeous!


First Snow of the Season

It snowed today!

Presto ran all around the house this morning letting everyone know…

“It snowed! It snowed!”

So later this afternoon, I had to go out and get some “First Snowfall” shots.

Presto was caught this morning in ALMOST full snow gear.

He has thought of everything…well… maybe not.

Can you find the important thing he forgot to put on?

Eboo and Presto tenderly creating Snowy the Ghost.

And don’t forget, the goggles are very important in making those snow ghosts 🙂

A close up of our first Snowy the Ghost.

I went around my yard and looked for interesting things to photograph.

I didn’t stay too long because the wet snow was making my feet and hands cold.


Here’s to more snow days… until the excitement wears off and we are pining for the green again.

If You Give a Mom a Muffin

If you give a Mom a muffin-

She’ll want a glass of orange juice to go with it.

She’ll go get a glass from the cupboard and find all the glasses in the dishwasher.

So she calls for her son to do his dishwasher job, and notices spilled crayons on the stairs.

As she waits for the dishwasher son to arrive, she calls for the daughter who left the crayons on the stairs.

As she waits again, she can’t help but see jam fingerprints all the way down the stair wall.

Off to the kitchen she goes to find a wet cloth, but finds last nights lasagna pan soaking in the sink.

Another child, the pan-duty child, is also added to her sweet sounding summons.

As she wipes off the sticky jam, she remembers that her husband needs lunch for today.

She runs to the fridge, and sees that there is nothing to make a lunch with so she pulls out her pad of paper and starts to jot down a grocery list.

As she is making her shopping list, she remembers she needs to call her sister to cancel their shopping trip scheduled for tomorrow.

Running to the phone, she sees her son’s Scout Handbook on the counter and panics to think he needs his latest merit badge sown on before tonights Court of Honor.

She hurries to find the scout shirt but trips on the ten pairs of loose shoes in the door way of the laundry room.

As she is tumbling to the ground, she suddenly remembers her morning exercise still hasn’t happened.

She grabs her walking shoes and heads for the door.

Before she gets to the door, her summoned children arrive upstairs whining about her demands.

She then starts showing the evidence of unfulfilled jobs to her offspring, and runs into her waiting husband holding his car keys.

Quickly she heads for the pantry and crunches breakfast cereal that was spilled all over the pantry floor.

She grabs the broom, and starts to sweep but is met with, “Don’t worry about lunch, honey.  Gotta go.  I’ll just have this muffin.”

Feeling bad, she heads to the fruit basket to hand her husband an orange, and remembers, orange…juice…muffin?

And chances are…

If she ever finds a clean glass for her orange juice,

She will see that her muffin was just taken by her husband trying to get out the door to work.

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