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Fabulous February 2020

February is a “leapy” one this year. We get an extra day. Let’s go explore!   And one more special thing this month…..NEWS of another grand baby on it’s way! Thanks JQ and C$ for sending us another grandson!  

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Birthday Photos for JQ, Babups, & Presto

It’s time to get these photos up to show our Birthdays for January, February, and March. These birthdays are all squished into 5 weeks so it feels like all we do is open birthday gifts and eat birthday cake…or pie…or cupcakes. Happy Birthday you three! JQ is officially an adult!   Presto is our Star…

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Easter’s Message- The One is Precious to God

I have been trying to get myself spiritually ready for Easter this week. Attending a Passover dinner with the family on Monday started off my journey and then I have been reading amazing talks and quotes that have filled me with the spirit and thoughts about my Savior… and the one. As our little Presto…

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December 2012 Summary

The month of December started out with finding the right Christmas tree for our home.    Then we spent a lot of time decorating the tree and the house. Don’t you just love our half decorated JuBean-proof tree?         EB was thrilled to get his braces off.     JQ was busy…