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Fabulous February 2020

February is a “leapy” one this year. We get an extra day. Let’s go explore!


It’s so green. Wait, it’s only February.


And one more special thing this month…..NEWS of another grand baby on it’s way!

Thanks JQ and C$ for sending us another grandson!


Joyous January 2020

A lot happened in January—where did the best month of EVER go?

Fun time with sweet granddaughter!


Had a BD party with family….


…and some wonderful ATM missionaries.




NatNat’s blessing



Great G&G at the blessing.


Transfer week…new Missionaries!


Departing Missionaries…sigh.


Special visitors to the ATM


ENTIRE Mission Conference…Special visitors.


Former Sister getting married in Tucson!


Reunited with ATM Sisters- AND handsome PB!


Last pic….HBD JQ!

December 2012 Summary

The month of December started out with finding the right Christmas tree for our home. 
Then we spent a lot of time decorating the tree and the house.
Don’t you just love our half decorated JuBean-proof tree?
EB was thrilled to get his braces off.  
JQ was busy getting his Eagle Project finalized and DONE!
EB was a guest Tenor soloist for the Shelley High School performance of Handel’s Messiah.
It was amazing (for us in the audience) and terrifying (for those on the stage) all at the same time.
But we were so proud of him for wowing everyone and doing something that was very scary.
JQ was able to get his braces off and on a day that was never to be repeated: 12/12/12
Celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary was next in line.  
Delivered flowers are always a good thing 🙂
I love you honey!  
Thanks for 23 blissful years.
JQ received his mission call and opened it to a crowd of family and friends.  He is going to…..
Canada Calgary Mission!
He leaves for the Provo MTC on April 10, 2013

Presto lost both of his top front teeth just in time for Christmas.  “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!”


Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Jammies!
Christmas Day Fun!
Babups received a Jazz basketball from B Trout that was signed by all the Jazz players.  
Babups was in NBA heaven!
More Christmas fun with JuBean opening presents and learning how fun it is.
But right after our Christmas Day activities, Presto became extremely sick and had to be hospitalized.
On Christmas Day our whole family headed down to Salt Lake City to Primary Children’s Medical Center to get Presto better.
Presto was diagnosed with  HUS which is caused from the E coli bacteria.  
We spent the rest of December in Utah, and then the family had to be split up most of January as Presto got better. 
Presto finally got to come home on January 26, 2013.
We had an awesome Skype call from Elder T-Bob on December 26 and were able to see and talk with him.  
He is doing great and we miss him so much!!!

This picture explains exactly what the end of December felt like…. pure and utter exhaustion.

November 2012 Summary

 The month of November was filled to the brim…as is every month.
We started out with Election Day and that didn’t pan out the way we wanted.  
At least we can stop watching all the news and campaign hoop-la.
 But Josh was able to get all four wisdom teeth out. Lucky for him he didn’t get puffy chipmunk cheeks and didn’t even have to take pain meds after the first initial shots.  
Easy Peasy!
O course you can’t have November without Thanksgiving and these pictures only captured the yummy desserts AFTER the amazing dinner of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, butternut squash casserole, salads, and rolls.  Oh it was a divine meal.
Thanks Sherry and Steve for hosting such a delightful and delicious dinner!
 Along with yummy food, there was lots of fun family to make the day perfect.
Here is Curtis and Adie and trio of boys: Christian in the car seat, Carter in Adie’s arms, and Cannon.
 Lauren and Jeren Browning– newly weds since August.
Cousins and friends:  Elise (left bottom corner), Megan, Brooke Robbins (Brooks’ friend), & Josh.
Josh again, Nathan and Julian an exchange student staying with the Moser’s from Germany.
Brooks, (Josh bombing the photo) Nathan and Julian again.
And the last day of November, Alex had his Renaissance Fair for his Shakespeare Class.  Pretty cool dragon…
Alex thinks so too.
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