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JQ’s Mission Anniversary


JQ left on April 10, 2013.

He came home April 10, 2015.


Yes, that is exactly 24 months.

Funny thing, that is how JQ is—exact.

No sharing straws, cups, or spoons.

His bed is always made, pristine and wrinkle-free.

When he was leaving on his mission, I came to his bedroom to help him pack his suitcase and this is what I found on his bed…

Ties & shoes lined up.

pure packing exactness. It was beautiful!

Now he has been home for a year, exactly one year from today,

and it has been heaven having him back.

Love ya JQ.




Joy in My Inbox


Elder Tanner and Bros

I get giddy about Mondays because of my two missionary sons.

I love getting their emails and photos of the great things they are doing for others in far off places.

Let’s call it…..Joy in my inbox.

Elder JQ, has been helping dig people out of 4 feet of mud and gunk in their homes because of the flooding that has happened in Calgary, Canada.

Elder T-Bob has been speaking English and teaching men from Africa in Moscow, Russia!

The joy I feel each Monday after I have heard and seen these missionaries makes for a better week for me as I can put my priorities in better order.

$$Cha-ching…Mommy paycheck deposited 🙂

Goodbye for Two

Our JQ entered the Missionary Training Center this past Wednesday, April 10, 2013. The morning was beautiful in Provo, Utah, the sun shining and the spring flowers were in full color.  What a great day.

Yet there was that looming dread of goodbyes in the air.  It was thick and heavy.

But, just as the Lord promises, He will show us mercy and love when we are obedient to His commandments.

We all witnessed the peace that came over JQ after he was set apart by priesthood authority and he felt calm and happy.

That peace also came over the entire family and everyone knew all would be well and that we could let our son and brother go.

After that, JQ was ready to go!

It was a rough goodbye, but the feelings of intense love I have for him just proves that there is a God.

How blessed I feel for having the opportunity to nurture and be with JQ over these past 18 years.

Now he belongs to the Lord and JQ is on His errand.

Packing up and leaving home.

Spiritual moments before leaving

Final goodbye photos

The famous MTC curb drop off photos

We love you soooo much and are proud of you JQ.

There is no doubt that the Lord will take care of you.

But we will remember what you said to us right before you left…

“I am leaving my family for two years so others can have their families for forever!”

Elder JQ’s blog


One Last Week

All five sons 2006

All five sons 2006

My third son, JQ, is leaving next week and won’t be home for two years.

I have one last week with him and then he is gone to be “all grown up”.

Getting his mission call

Getting his mission call

In my patriarchal blessing it said my children would “grow up around” me.


It has been such a blessing to have my JQ here around me, almost 24/7.

He seriously has been such an easy son to love and to raise.

 JQ, thank you for that.

Our little Sumo Baby

Our little Sumo Baby

Love the hat and slippers!

Love the hat and slippers!

One of my favorites of little JQ

One of my favorites of little JQ

A Mother's day gift when JQ was in nursery

A Mother’s day gift when JQ was in nursery

I mean, I wouldn’t mind him staying another 18 years, 24/7 around me.

Really… I wouldn’t mind.


But as everyone agrees, JQ would mind.

I pray when he gets home in two years, and he is finding his way in life

JQ’s way will be very close to our way.

I love our JQ.

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Elder JQ


It was a great Sabbath day with lots of family and friends over.

JQ spoke in church today because he is leaving to serve as a missionary for two years in the Canada Calgary Mission.

His talk was a blur to me as I stood out in the foyer with fussy JuBean (sleep deprivation and bothersome cold), but there was one thing that FOR SURE I remember.

He cried when he talked about the Savior and his Dad and I.

JQ has a handle on a lot of things.

He is the son that hates to be late, likes his room clean, can tie the perfect knot for his ties, and has control of his emotions.

So I was deeply touched and will forever remember  my 18 year old JQ standing at the pulpit expressing what was in his heart–his very good, mature, rock solid and ready-to-serve-with-all-his-heart heart.

JQ will be our third missionary son to leave and all within 3 years.

B Trout left in June of 2010, and T-Bob left in February of 2011.

Now JQ will be leaving us this next month to join the ranks of those adorable and faith filled missionaries.

Of course I want him to go.

Of course he is dying to go.

And I know he will bless the lives of many and in turn be greatly blessed.


I will ache with loneliness for him as he leaves our nest.

Bitter Sweet is exactly what I feel.

Luv u JQ!


Girl cousins!


Cousins are the best!


Childhood friends.  This was their goodbye picture 😦


More and more and more friends.


Best bud friends (and a little kooky).



Having a little too much cake JQ?






Loving his cake!

Cake + JQ= happiness


You’ll be a tremendous missionary, Elder JQ!

Please write your mother 🙂


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