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September, October, and November 2019

One thing is certain and predictable, life is full when you juggle multiple hats.

That is where I have been over these past months.

Here are some pictures to highlight these bygone months.

**JuBean with her Primary class seeds in full bloom. (Thank you Brother and Sister Busby for teaching about faith and being wonderful Primary teachers in our Campbell Ward!)


**Our solar system object lesson. The earth is the peppercorn and the basketball the sun. Can’t remember what the exercise ball is….


** Yummy Oreo Moon phases.












**Dissecting a Barrel cactus fruit.


**More science!! Condensation…..water cycle!


** Growing crystals. This experiment was, shall we say, a flop.



** A little FAMILY TIME… even with EB, Dad.


** Family at the theatre!


** From my morning walk…amazing beauty in the desert.


**JuBean’s adorable Activity Day craft.


**Eboo receiving her patriarchal blessing. Powerful spirit!


**Barrel Cactus flowers. Just stunning.


**Coconut turning one. Yay!


**EB turning ____.  Yay!


**Elder Babups in South Africa


**Baby Braybray getting so big.

**Vendor food at the Tucson “Meet Yourself” folklife festival



**Homemade gingersnaps!


**Hands down, the best key lime pie out there! Thanks CPK.


**Coconut visiting from Idaho.













JuBean’s Baptism

JuBean had a big day.

She was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What a joyful day to remember. Lots of family and friends were there, and a whole lot of ATM missionaries.

She wore the dress her two older sisters (Dolly M & Eboo) wore when they were baptized. She looked like an angel with french braids.

Congratulations, JuBean! You are on the path to following your Savior.

JuBean Turns Six

This beautiful little girl turned 6 one month after we arrived in Tucson. She has been so excited to be the FIRST birthday in our new home and life. What a resilient flexible child. Always seeing the pony in the pile of manure.

In the morning, we jump on JuBean’s bed and wake her up by singing happy birthday to her. Even though JuBean was in bed, she wasn’t asleep. She was just patiently waiting for us to come in.

Next comes the birthday gift treasure hunt. JuBean and her siblings comb the house, one gift at a time, for her hidden gifts. Then after she has found them all, she tears into the long awaited treasures!





If you can’t tell, JuBean loves anything and everything watermelon.


Our Birthday Girl!


Birthday breakfasts are always the best especially when Mickey is part of it.

And then the day ends with a Birthday dinner (this time we ate out) and birthday cake with candles of which there is no photo unfortunately.

Happy Birthday JuBean!!

Our sweet little “sunshine” girl who keeps us all young and hopping. We love you so much!

May, June, July Birthdays

Sorry, but I haven’t wished  B Trout, Dolly M, and JuBean birthday wishes yet.

I am drastically running behind this summer.

B Trout was in May.

His first birthday home since he left for his mission.

It’s so wonderful having you back B Trout!!


Dolly M was in June.

This year was that magical “Sweet Sixteen” birthday for her.

And according to Dolly M, it was the best birthday EVER.


And finally, but not least, JuBean was in July.

My baby girl is growing up.


Each of you mean the world to me and I love being your Mom.


Luv u!  Mom xoxo

Alone with JuBean

Tonight I was alone with JuBean and it felt kind of eery.

Everyone was gone from about 4:00-10:30.

Everyone except me and JuBean.

I was wondering what to do with just the two of us.

I folded some laundry…

I made dinner for one and a half…

I moved the sprinkler around the lawn to water the dry spots.

The house was so quiet and calm and settled.

It felt so lonely. And then I started to feel lonely.

Quickly, I was pulled away by JuBean to go outside and jump on the tramp.

That is something I haven’t done in a long time.

So I took the time tonight and just played with my baby.

It felt so good.

We danced to music, played chase and had a bum war. JuBean is quite good at that game.

Then as the dawn sky started to reveal the stars, we laid down and looked at the heavens.

What will it be like when it really is just JuBean and myself?

Life will be so different from these whirlwind years of raising 8 children and having a very busy husband.

Will I be able to handle so much quiet and time for myself?

Finally, one child came home, then two more. Then EB showed up and I felt better.

I loved my alone time with JuBean, but time like that doesn’t happen very often.

I know that it will be the norm some day but for today…

give me the hustle and bustle and the sweet feeling of family chaos.

It’s all I know.

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