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Heavenly Father Sent Me a Crib

In my Ensign Reading Project, (and I am still way behind…) this article, “Starting Our Marriage with Nothing but Faith” by Elisabeth Allen, touched my heart.  I especially loved the heavenly sent crib part. It made me tear up because EB and I started our marriage almost 27 years ago in the same way. It brought me back to those faith-filled GOOD ole’ days and driving cars that were named “the pumpkin”.


Illustrations by Iker Ayestaran

If you don’t have time to read all of the article (it’s really short, only two small pages) here is my favorite part that you really need to read. It will put a bit of hope back into your day.

When we were expecting our first baby, a girl, we had no idea how we would pay the bills, but we believed that it would work out. Around this time we received an unexpected $1,000 check in the mail from Matt’s grandma. At that point in our marriage, $1,000 was more money than we had ever had at one time. Grateful, we thanked first God and then Grandma for it, and we set it aside to put toward the impending baby bills. Another day Matt got an odd job fixing a pothole—another $250. The blessings kept coming.

Two weeks before our baby was born, I called Matt at work and told him that even though I didn’t know how we were going to pay for it, we needed a crib for the baby. I told him I would pick him up at work and that we were going to go get a crib. While on my way, I pulled my car over to answer a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize.

“Hello, Liz? This is Katherine Anderson. I live around the corner from you.”

“Oh! Yes! How are you?”

“I am fine. I am calling because this morning I was praying and I had a feeling that you needed a crib. I have one here for you. I had five babies and couldn’t have lived without a changing table, so I have one of those for you too.”

I sat in stunned silence.

“I know your car is small,” she continued, “so I’d like you to come over and use my car to get these things over to your apartment.”

Tears and more silence.

I still think of how much God blessed us through that wonderful woman!

Even though we did not start our marriage with things—not even a dresser or a bed—what we did start with was a lot of faith and a lot of dreams. We started our marriage with the determination to always trust in God. We started our marriage with faith that if we worked hard, we would enjoy the blessings of providing for ourselves through the Lord’s help.

Passover 2013

Thank you, thank you W family for a beautiful and delicious Passover dinner.

It warmed my heart to see my children participating in such a symbolic tradition that has been going on for ages and yet so applicable for us today.

This tradition takes A LOT of effort, preparation, and diligence, but that is just the nature of anything worth while.







As always Miss T,  you and R have inspired me again to make this a tradition in our family.

I think I can do it if I start preparing now for 2014!

Amazing Mountain-Moving Women

Feeding over 90 people today counted as this weeks  CookOff Saturday.  But it was so much more than food today.  Again, “Make it For Maggie” reminded me that anyone can make a difference in the world, one person at a time.

Make it for Maggie Dinner

I feel so blessed to be around exceptional and giving friends.

Can I say how inspiring they all are?

As we left tonight, and they were all still cleaning, still packing loads to their cars, still sweeping, EB turned to me and said,

“There is nothing like motivated and dedicated women. They can accomplish anything.”

And then I thought to myself…”Yep, those women can move mountains.”

I just helped a small little bit and my feet were hurting.

How must their feet ache?

They’ve been at this all day.  No, all week  . No, all month.  No, for the last three years!

I love my friends.

ESPECIALLY when they can’t take serious or focused pictures.

Upcoming event…Make it for Maggie


Save the date:  Saturday, October 27, 2012, Make it for Maggie.  I love this event and it has been inspiring to attend.   Click here for my thoughts on MIFM.

Mermaid Project

I spent a lot of time today with mermaids.  Yes, I photographed many fins (and dolls and barbies) today for FinFunMermaid.  EB’s parents started FinFunMermaid and now they are letting their children take the reins and run with it while they are on an LDS mission in Riverside, California.  Therefore, mermaids have taken over my husbands life, and lately our home!  I am not a professional photographer or anything like it, but I had fun trying to figure out my beloved camera and how to make those fins sparkle and look amazing without the ocean, sand and seaweed.  Dolly M and Eboo were my models today and JuBean wanted desperately a turn on the rocks to smile and be like her sisters.

It was a great challenge and I’m sure I’ll continue to help, but I think I’ll keep my day job…Mom and HS Mom.
FinFun tail


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