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It Feels Like Christmas!

I had to stay awake after JuBean was up again early early this morning.  I could not go back to sleep even though my tired body needs the sleep.  But it’s so exciting and thrilling…this weekend…it’s Conference Weekend!!  I sure hope I can wait patiently until 10:00 am.  
What a blessing to all the world that there are Prophets of God that speak to us now just like they did in Bible times.  I just want to shout out to all of the world,  
“Everyone, turn on your TV’s, your radios and be uplifted from all the sorrow and sin that surrounds us!!!  Wake up and listen!  God loves us all and wants to succor His children in the trials and struggles we all face!  Open your ears to hear and eyes to see God’s love for you!  This weekend He is pouring out his mercy and grace through the words of Prophets and righteous men and women!  Watch and listen and hope will abound!”
Sorry for all the !’s  I’ll stop shouting now.  But… I’m still so excited.  Three more hours..heehee…it feels like Christmas.

Christmas Gifts

I love gifts. I love giving them and frankly, I love receiving them. But this Christmas, I realized how blessed I was even before Christmas morning. I truly have been given the most important, shiny and beautifully adorned gifts ever. I am grateful to be celebrating the birth of a BABY who would grow up to be the Savior of all mankind. He is the most important gift to me, for without His gift, all the other gifts would not last. My Savior, Jesus Christ, is the one gift, among all gifts, to be ultimately grateful for. He is the reason we give ourselves and gifts at this season of the year.
The other gifts I am grateful for, are as follows:
MY PILLAR OF STRENGTH. I was able to have my rock-of-a-husband home more often the week before Christmas (with almost no meetings or phone calls to distract him). And, for an added bonus gift, I was able to SIT BY him, have him put his arm around me like other couples (ooh la la), and then sing the hymns together during our Christmas Day church meeting. How I love hearing him sing! Wow, that was a special annual event. I could do that more often. Our anniversary is also in December and that always makes me remember how truly blessed and gosh-darn brilliant I was to marry this man.
Happy Anniversary Honey!

A FULL HOUSE. All of my children were healthy and happy as we spent time together celebrating the Christ child. With this being Tanner’s last Christmas physically in our home for two years, I was extra grateful for him, my sweet little December baby, born nineteen years ago.

How adorable… they all match and look so festive for Christmas Day!
BABY JuBean. Our own little “Baby Jesus” was here for her first Christmas. Having a baby at Christmas time always reminds me of the reason we can have lasting and Eternal joy—it’s all because a baby was born, Jesus Christ, the Babe of Bethlehem. Even though JuBean herself did not enjoy playing the role of the Christ child, she makes Christmas so fun and memorable. I am so grateful she is here with us now and that I listened to the still small voice reminding me that Julia was waiting to come to our family.

THE WORD. I am so grateful that we can teach our children the events and the people of the scriptures. The nativity always reminds me of those iconic characters in the Christmas story that teach us how to live so that we can come closer to Christ. I love Mary because she had a heart full of faith and love for God, and she acted on that faith and love. Joseph reminds me of service. He was Mary’s protector and guardian, and presided over his family with great care. The angel bore fervent testimony of God with power and joyful singing. The shepherds obeyed without delay and were blessed to “See God” because of their humility and diligence. The wise men were learned and educated but always seeking for knowledge that led directly to Christ. And of course the Christ child reminds me that we must all become like a child, pure and clean, to be worthy of His gift, the Atonement.

SERVICE TO GOD. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that changes lives of those willing to have a broken heart and contrite spirit. We were able to Skype with Brooks on Christmas afternoon from Duluth, Minnesota. Since he is immersed in gospel learning and teaching, he has the opportunity of being a representative of Christ 24/7. His heart has been broken, and his spirit seemed contrite as he expressed his love for the work and for those things that truly matter. I tried to hold in the tears and the squeals when I saw his adorable face come across the computer, but it didn’t work. True joy is something I am experiencing as I watch and hear from a son that has dedicated two years of his young adult life to spreading His “Great News”. My son’s life and heart has been changed because of serving the Lord.

FAMILY BONDS. A moment that caught me off guard and was unexpected, was the sweet moment when I witnessed two brothers passing each other on their separate paths of life. Elder B Trout begged T-Bob to play his guitar for him and bring back some memories of their lives before missions. I have known that these two sons, which are nineteen months apart, would over-lap on their missions ever since I was pregnant with T-Bob. Having 19 years to deal with that future situation, I still wasn’t prepared for the tender emotions I had seeing those two beg for more time together. Maybe the long awaited moment of reality had finally come. I had to leave the room as my tears would suggest a breaking mother’s heart for my sons. What a blessing though, to see their love for each other and that they are each other’s best friend.

Is it Really December Tomorrow?

My mind has been in slow motion ever since the birth of JuBean, almost 4 months ago. But I still can’t figure out where all the time seems to go lately. Is it piled up in some black hole that also has those missing socks I can’t seem to find for the other pairs?

I always tell the kids as we start a new fresh year of school in September, “Just remember, it is going to be Christmas before we know it.” Yep, we are there again….it is December 1, 2011 with Christmas just a blink away. I feel too rushed, I feel too hurried by everything. Every time I go into Wal-Mart they are adding the next holiday’s (that is eons away) stuff to their shelves and I haven’t even caught on about the last holiday fixation. I think Wal-Mart has A.D.D. They are waaaaaay too hyper active in their shelf rotations. Any who, can’t we just slow down, savor our “Right Nows” and smell the hot chocolate?
Oh, that sounds good, hot chocolate. Mmmmm, I think I’ll go ponder and promise to enjoy my fleeting moments with the company of some warm, chocolatey goodness. Maybe I’ll also remember where those hijacked socks may be. What was I going to ponder about again?
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