Tucson Spring Blossoms

These photos are the recent images I see every morning when I go for a walk/run. Here in Tucson, the spring time is absolutely the best, the bomb, the GOAT….perfect heavenly weather and beautiful blossoms everywhere. Often, I get so distracted by the beauty around me, I can’t stay focused on keeping my heart rate…

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It Has Been a While

Wow…it has been a while. I am sure everyone has good reasons to be out of it during December. You know, the busy schedules, Christmas parties and activities, shopping…you know the rest. That is what our family has had too.  I like to call it, December craziness. But now, I am sitting in a hospital…

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Overflowing Gratitude

I sat at the table with lots of family on Thanksgiving Day. My eyes peered around the table and my ears heard the noises of playful cousins all throughout the house. Why am I so blessed to be here? Surrounded by so much goodness? Yes, life can be difficult at times, and many times to…

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Grateful Sabbath- Extended Family Joy

Family.  Family.  Family. What would our existence be without family?  What would our lives look like without family? My family is everything to me, and today I am especially grateful to my extended family, my husband’s family, as they have doused my world and my children’s world  with spurts of joy, fun, and acceptance ….