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Tucson Spring Blossoms

These photos are the recent images I see every morning when I go for a walk/run.

Here in Tucson, the spring time is absolutely the best, the bomb, the GOAT….perfect heavenly weather and beautiful blossoms everywhere.

Often, I get so distracted by the beauty around me, I can’t stay focused on keeping my heart rate up!  I am just preoccupied with taking pictures.

Joyous January 2020

A lot happened in January—where did the best month of EVER go?

Fun time with sweet granddaughter!


Had a BD party with family….


…and some wonderful ATM missionaries.




NatNat’s blessing



Great G&G at the blessing.


Transfer week…new Missionaries!


Departing Missionaries…sigh.


Special visitors to the ATM


ENTIRE Mission Conference…Special visitors.


Former Sister getting married in Tucson!


Reunited with ATM Sisters- AND handsome PB!


Last pic….HBD JQ!

It Has Been a While

Wow…it has been a while.

I am sure everyone has good reasons to be out of it during December.

You know, the busy schedules, Christmas parties and activities, shopping…you know the rest.

That is what our family has had too.  I like to call it, December craziness.

But now, I am sitting in a hospital room next to Presto who is very sick.

Everything happened over the days leading up to Christmas Eve and then we headed to the hospital Christmas Day.

Presto is doing well, but as of our third full day, we still have a ways to go until we can have him home.

I don’t have the time or the energy to recap our last few days, but I will someday.

Tomorrow is Grateful Sabbath and hopefully I can express some very tender feelings I’ve had during this experience with our son.

Hug your children and give them the benefit of the doubt tonight….and maybe forever.

Children are too precious.

Overflowing Gratitude

I sat at the table with lots of family on Thanksgiving Day.

My eyes peered around the table and my ears heard the noises of playful cousins all throughout the house.

Why am I so blessed to be here?

Surrounded by so much goodness?

Yes, life can be difficult at times, and many times to the breaking point of unbearable.

But today, I am content, well fed (working to reverse that), well loved, healthy, and here on earth to LIVE.

To LIVE and be at the Thanksgiving table seeing and hearing a handful of my favorite people, my family.

Then, I thought of my Mom.  I miss her terribly.

She isn’t here anymore but I know she is always with me.

But still, I can get very very sad at times. It’s been almost 35 years.

The quote I heard in General Conference hit me again as I was pondering at the Thanksgiving table and as I thought of her.

“I testify that the veil is thin. The same feelings of loyalty, love, and family unity don’t end as our loved ones pass to the other side; instead, those feelings are intensified.

Sometimes people will ask, “How long did it take you to get over it?” The truth is, you will never completely get over it until you are together once again with your departed loved ones. I will never have a fulness of joy until we are reunited in the morning of the First Resurrection.”  Elder Shayne M. Bowen

The holidays can be hard for me at times in light of my Mom.

She was very sick during the holidays and then passed away two weeks after Christmas.

But this quote, and actually the whole talk by Elder Bowen, has reminded me that one day my Mother will be in my life again.

She will get to hug, kiss, and scold my children.

She will get to make pumpkin pies with me in the kitchen at Thanksgiving in cute aprons.

She will get to gobble up my little ones and demand of my children to play for her a piano piece.

Yes, one day, I will have all of that…and I will know her.

So, that is why I am feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude today.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I am grateful for Easter and for my Savior, Jesus Christ making it possible for families to be forever.

Huh..even Thanksgiving is all about HIM.

Grateful Sabbath- Extended Family Joy

Family.  Family.  Family.

What would our existence be without family?  What would our lives look like without family?

My family is everything to me, and today I am especially grateful to my extended family, my husband’s family, as they have doused my world and my children’s world  with spurts of joy, fun, and acceptance .

When our family gets together we are loud, we eat too much food, and we laugh and hug everyone when we greet and when we say goodbye. (That’s a lot of hugs.) But it feels so refreshing to have those moments where you pause your weighing worries for an afternoon and you just sit and visit in your brother and sister-in-laws living room soaking up the joyful family togetherness.

Three adorable nephews…family is the best!

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