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Idaho Farm Boy Lessons

These axioms from a General Conference talk I heard recently really hit home with me. Maybe it’s because I have been struggling and feeling overwhelmed with spring pruning and clean up of my large yard. I feel the law of the harvest in my aching back, my sore fingers, and my ratty wind blown hair….

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Easter’s Message- The One is Precious to God

I have been trying to get myself spiritually ready for Easter this week. Attending a Passover dinner with the family on Monday started off my journey and then I have been reading amazing talks and quotes that have filled me with the spirit and thoughts about my Savior… and the one. As our little Presto…

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Passover 2013

Thank you, thank you W family for a beautiful and delicious Passover dinner. It warmed my heart to see my children participating in such a symbolic tradition that has been going on for ages and yet so applicable for us today. This tradition takes A LOT of effort, preparation, and diligence, but that is just…

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Overflowing Gratitude

I sat at the table with lots of family on Thanksgiving Day. My eyes peered around the table and my ears heard the noises of playful cousins all throughout the house. Why am I so blessed to be here? Surrounded by so much goodness? Yes, life can be difficult at times, and many times to…