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Pinterest- My Shower Magic Wand

One area in my home gets used A LOT and yet it is neglected the most when it comes to cleaning. My shower.

I just want a magic wand or those scrubbing bubble guys to clean my shower for me.

Since I don’t have either, here is my solution from a Pinterest pin from (Love the name)

You need some type of dish soap, white vinegar and a sponge scrubber with a handle that holds soap.  See picture below.


Fill up the handle half with dish soap and half with vinegar. Shake.

Abracadabra!  You have a magic wand  to clean while taking a shower.

I just keep the wand hanging in my shower and when I feel like cleaning, my wand is there ready to go.

When I clean consistently it doesn’t take very long as opposed to those hard core once in a while cleanings.

Now my shower feels loved and clean.


Two things to remember:  1) keep in an upright position or it will leak, and 2) if it gets thick over time, just add some water and shake. It should be as good as new.

I’ve only used this in the shower, but I bet it would work great in tubs and sinks.


Chaos has ensued once again in our home.  I am tired of the clutter, having wrinkled clothes, and waking up to a dirty kitchen every single morning.  After pondering some questions about delegation, this is my list I have made for myself to have everyone understand their unique roles in our family and to get back some sanity and clean floors in this home.

Delegate to Others:

Laundry— Children 8 years and older do their own laundry plus their own bed sheets and bath towels. (Sort, Wash & Dry, Fold, & Put Away)

Cooking— Capable children will have 1-2 nights a week to cook meals for the family

Dishes—  I should only be managing the dishwashers and never doing any by myself

Home Pick-up— Create and establish home ZONES and assign out to family

Babysitting/Playing with JuBean—  Everyone will get a turn with tending and entertaining the little one so Mom can get some things done

Cleaning— Children and EB can be involved and in charge of their own zones to keep clean and tidy

Only I Can Do:

School Mentoring & School planning

Mothering & Caring for JuBean 

Planning Menus

Grocery Shopping


Cleaning of Personal Zones & Areas (master bed & bath, etc)

What Others Can Do:

EB:  Cooking breakfast (breakfast menus), helping children get up (when I have had a bad night with baby), Zones,  run errands, & home repairs and maintenance

JQ:  Clean: Bedroom, bathroom, Zone, outbuilding, vacuum downstairs & stairs. Do own laundry and linens. Dinner dishes. Cooking 1 night & helping with Sunday dinner. Garbage duty, mowing the lawn & other yard work.

Dolly M:  Clean- Bedroom, bathroom, Zone, & vacuum upstair floors.  Do own laundry & linens.  Dinner dishes, Sunday breakfast & lunch dishes.  Cooking 2 nights & helping with Sunday dinner.  Babysitting JuBean, mowing the lawn & other yard work.

Babups:  Clean- Bedroom, bathroom, Zone, & outbuilding.  Do own laundry and linens.  Dinner dishes.  Cooking 1 night & helping with Sunday dinner.  Babysitting, garbage duty, mowing the lawn & other yard work.

Eboo:  Clean- Bedroom, half bathrooms, Zone, toy room & dress-up closet.  Do own laundry & fold JuBean’s.  Unload dishwashers, Mon-Fri breakfast & lunch dishes. Help with cooking for Sunday dinner. Babysitting JuBean, & other yard work.

Presto:  Clean- Bedroom, Zone, toy room & dress-up closet.  Fold own laundry and put away.  Unload dishwashers, Mon-Fri breakfast & lunch dishes.  Help with cooking for Sunday dinner.  Play with JuBean, take out milk bottles, bring in milk, garbage duty.

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