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Fun Weekend in New Mexico

As a family, we headed off for a stake conference in New Mexico! Yes, Silver City, NM, is in our mission.

As we got out of the car in Silver City, everyone was shocked…it was cool and kind of crisp!  We all have been conditioned that when you get out of the car in Tucson, you are stepping into an oven.

In Silver City… NO OVEN!!

First thing in the morning, we headed up the road to the Gila Cliff Dwellings in the Gila National Forest.

As we drove, we all oohed and ahhed at how beautiful it was.

It felt like we were HOME.

These signs were everywhere on our drive up to the cliff dwellings.

That shows you the kind of drive we had.

This is the Gila National Forest. Just BREATHTAKING!

Look at this beauty!! TREES with LEAVES and wild flowers. We were giddy the whole drive!!

Finally made it up to the monument, 90 minutes or so later. All relieved to be out of the car and in the mountains.

We watched a little film in the visitors center and looked at some artifacts. It was very intriguing history and we wanted to go see and experience the dwellings for ourselves.

Let’s go!

From the trail, you could finally see the dwellings/caves.

They were so hidden away…no wonder they were used to live in.

Getting closer.  So cool!!!!

The gentle short hike was so enjoyable and shaded in most parts.

There was a babbling brook that we criss-crossed over and over with bridges.



A real, picturesque stream!! It was beautiful and sounded so relaxing.

We made it to the caves and were able to walk around and listen to a guide tell lots of facts and stories. Basically, the Mogollon peoples who lived here were only there from about 1275 to the early 14th century.  There were only about 25-80 people that lived in these caves at one time and that translates into just a few families.

A lot of vandalism happened in the late 1800’s and early 20th century so the roofs of individual rooms and such were gone and a little graffiti is seen on the walls from people marking their names and handprints on the cave walls . I really loved the look of the soot on the ceilings of the caves. I could picture the people that lived, cooked, worked and raised families there.

This is from the inside and top of the cave looking out.

Eboo heading down the tall scary ladder!


That was so interesting and unique! We all were so glad we made the effort to come.

Now for the drive back…

someone, and I’m not mentioning names, needed some air!

I felt like I was driving in the gorgeous American Fork, Ut, Canyon!!

SOOOO different from Tucson and the cactus.

After we got home, and fed our hungry bellies, the younger kids wanted to go swimming. Dad got in the pool too!

And yes, Mission Presidents can swim. When they are acting as Dad to their kids, they do things Dad’s do and the name badges come off. Kids love to swim, so Dad (and Mom) get to go swimming too!



Cold shivering kids…that hasn’t happened in a while.

After all our meetings on Saturday night and Sunday, we headed home.

We sure were sad to leave the perfect weather, but Tucson was calling us home.

As we were driving out of town, we stopped and snapped some last photos of the cute older downtown of Silver City and…

…found this amazing colorful and vibrant mural that was on the side of a building.

Goodbye New Mexico, see you next time!



Eboo and the little diddles.

Cool Presto.


Babups matches the mural!


JuBean loves, loves, loves watermelon so she wanted her picture with this mural.

First Week in the A.T.M.

We’ve been here a month and this is a post dedicated to all that happened in our first CRAZY week of July, 2017.

July 6-7 we hit the road for a two day tour of all the zones and to have the missionaries “Meet the President and family.” Even our Eboo, Presto, and JuBean came along with us.

Our first stop was in Willcox, AZ, and we met the New Mexico, Gila Valley, and Sierra Vista Zones.

The drive was so scenic and I wished we could of stopped twenty times to take pictures of the Arizona landscape. But of course we couldn’t…we had to move on.

The next day we did it all again but twice! This time we were close in Tucson and met the Northwest, Southeast, and Central Zones and then the Tucson Spanish Zone last of all. The missionaries were all so kind and friendly, and we are ready to get to work with them.

After our last meeting, when it was hotter than I have ever been, we grabbed our first eeggee’s . That is a Tucsonan snow cone-like-slushie that is nice and cold when it is close to 115 degrees outside. The lemon is my favorite.

I LOVE eeggee’s in July in Tucson Arizona!!!!


Trip to Tucson

We headed down to Tucson the morning of June 29, 2017.

Before we left, we said goodbye to our very first, 41 day old grand baby, Lillian, which was so much harder than I had anticipated. Much more agonizing.  It was not a fun family prayer before we left. Sigh.

We also said goodbye to the other children, the married’s, took a picture far away so no one could see the tear stained faces, and then jumped into the packed truck and drove away from our home and from normal life.


We now have an Arizona Tucson Mission family, and then the married’s in Ohio and Idaho.

The Arizona Tucson Mission Family

Here are some photos of the LONG trip down via Cedar City UT, Las Vegas NV, Kingman AZ, Phoenix AZ, and then to Tucson AZ.

All the pictures of us outside, it was so so so so hot! It was over 108 degrees if not more.

This is our very first day of our mission, July 1, 2017.

We woke up, put on our missionary badges, and headed over to the mission home to take over the reigns. It was a sunny, beautiful day, but it was a day we will never forget!





And I cannot forget to show all of the new beautiful friends we met…these unique Tucson cactus and plants.

How we will be so familiar with them over the next three years, but that first morning we couldn’t stop looking and taking pictures of them.





And notice… green grass, but look at those BLUE BLUE skies!!


We are here ready to get to work.


Spur of the Moment Trip

EB and I did it!

We got out of dodge on the spur of the moment (something very rare for us), and surprised the kiddos.

This has been a long winter for us all and we wanted a break.

The sunshine was therapeutic and the togetherness was nourishing.

(And my kids laughed tears hearing me scream on the rides.)

Can you guess where we went?

Fun in the Sun 2013

We took a much needed family trip this past spring.

Right after JQ left for his mission, we headed down to sunny and delightful California.

Last January, Presto was promised a trip to Disneyland as he lay sick in the hospital.

When the snow melted and Presto recovered, we headed out.

To say the least, we needed the sun and the excitement of anticipating such a trip.

Now for the photos.

I took sooooo many pictures and would love to put them all on this post…

but I will spare you all the scrolling.

Here are some of the pictures I selected out of the hundreds that tell the story of our

Fun in the Sun 2013 family trip.

Riding the shuttle buses to the airport. Even this was exciting.


Heading down to our plane.


We will see how JuBean does on her first airplane ride.

I was mentally crossing my fingers.


Ahh, we made it.

JuBean did great and we were all excited to be on California soil…I mean cement.



The majestic palm trees welcomed our family to warm California.


Off to the first day of Disneyland and California Adventures.

We also went to the beach and were loving the sunshine, wind, water, and sand.

Presto wasn’t feeling well that day for he had come down with a fever that morning.

But the ocean breeze and finding shells and seaweed made him perk up a bit.

Dolly M wanted to stay all day at the beach and didn’t want to leave.

I think we need a beach vacation next.

Presto still wasn’t feeling 100% in time for the next day of Disneyland,

so we rented him a wheelchair and got a special Fast Pass for him.

It made all the difference in letting him keep his strength up as much as possible.

By the end of the day, Presto was happy and feeling pretty good.

We also were able to visit EB’s parents serving an LDS mission in Riverside, CA.

We loved swimming in their apartments pool and visiting mansions and temples all within miles of their place.

It felt so good to be with family and to rest from the commercialization of theme parks.

My favorite outing was walking the grounds of the Riverside LDS temple.

The roses were in full bloom and I had to take a gazillion photos of them.

 Then, when I added my children with the roses…ADORABLE!

Those were my favorite photos of the whole trip.

Even with JuBean having a small rose garden melt down.

To soon it was all over and we had to pack up our bags and head back to reality.

The plane trip home was uneventful and a little depressing.

The cold weather hit us in the face as we walked off the plane.

Thank goodness we have our memories and photos to freeze frame those precious moments of our Fun in the Sun 2013.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” –Karl Lagerfeld

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