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Goodbye for Two

Our JQ entered the Missionary Training Center this past Wednesday, April 10, 2013. The morning was beautiful in Provo, Utah, the sun shining and the spring flowers were in full color.  What a great day. Yet there was that looming dread of goodbyes in the air.  It was thick and heavy. But, just as the Lord…

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Passover 2013

Thank you, thank you W family for a beautiful and delicious Passover dinner. It warmed my heart to see my children participating in such a symbolic tradition that has been going on for ages and yet so applicable for us today. This tradition takes A LOT of effort, preparation, and diligence, but that is just…


First Snow of the Season

It snowed today! Presto ran all around the house this morning letting everyone know… “It snowed! It snowed!” So later this afternoon, I had to go out and get some “First Snowfall” shots. Presto was caught this morning in ALMOST full snow gear. He has thought of everything…well… maybe not. Can you find the important thing…

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Grateful Sabbath- Extended Family Joy

Family.  Family.  Family. What would our existence be without family?  What would our lives look like without family? My family is everything to me, and today I am especially grateful to my extended family, my husband’s family, as they have doused my world and my children’s world  with spurts of joy, fun, and acceptance ….

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Double Joy on Mother’s Day

This past Mother’s Day was a unique day for me. I received TWO Skype calls from TWO of my missionary sons. Oh yeah! Double the Joy! It was B Trout’s last Mother’s Day call from Plymouth, Minnesota, and T-Bob’s first Mother’s Day call from Nizhny, Russia. How my heart did little butterfly dances when I…