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The Courage of David

No wonder I married EB.

I was a witness to an amazing display of courage and out right FAITH.

EB did an amazing feat: he sang in front of many many people and a full orchestra.  Would the average person do that?  I think not.

Now let me share some background.  EB has never had one voice lesson let alone a consultation.  Yet he went in front of hundreds of people, singing Handel’s Messiah which is not your average music, and singing along side three soloist that WERE trained and very gifted.

I was so proud of him sitting on that stage and singing like Pavarotti.

I was so proud of him agreeing to sing just because the director had a prompting or feeling that he should be one of the soloist.

I was so proud of him as I sat right in the front rows smiling my head off.

He reminded me of David going up against Goliath but this David had a killer voice, suit and black silk tie.


Happy Birthday Honey!

Honey, you are my sunshine.  
I feel that way when I see you outside riding the lawn mower in your white shirt and tie!  
That just makes me smile.
Honey, you are my rock!  
I love you for leading our family in righteousness.  
Your children are blessed because they have a committed father.
Honey, you are a loving and involved Father
Thanks for being so involved in their lives.
Our children have the best Dad!
Happy Birthday, EB!!  
I am so grateful to have had these years with you.  
Here’s to 100 more!

Presto Goes Fishing With Dad

There is nothing better than spending time alone with your Dad.
Presto was the lucky one who got to go fishing with his Dad.  They both had a great time and caught some MAJORLY huge fish.
 Thanks Bro Hudman for letting them fish on your private pond. Presto had an amazing time he will always remember.
Cool! A golden Rainbow Trout
The fish is almost as big as Presto.
Maybe, Dad will have a son as a fellow fisherman after all.
Their catch of the day.  Pretty good!
 Yummy!  Fish for dinner.
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