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Singing in the Trees

Dolly M and Eboo had a fun iFamily Choir excursion.

 They sang at the annual Festival of Trees.

With festive reds and blacks, and of course cute smiles (Hi Eboo!), they sang their hearts out and sounded great.

But I’m just a little baffled at how it could be the holidays already.

I think I’m still stuck in September.

Any whoo, I walked around the forest of Christmas trees and snapped a few pictures of my favorites.

This tree was delightfully different and unique…just a snow man.

Great idea.

Reds and whites are SOO my favorite Christmas colors.

I loved the crowded and packed look of this tree…

I think I feel the Christmas mood coming on.

This small tree was very interesting and yet I couldn’t stop looking at it…trying to figure it out ūüôā

Eboo drooled over this princess tree. The tiara on the top, so cute!

And even though I had to take my eyes and attention off the girls during their performance to get this photo of JuBean, it was so WORTH it.

She kept coming back to this “Winnie the Pooh” tree over and over and over.


I should make a wreath like this one since I have so many sheets of music laying around at home.



I loved this pinecone owl.

Can you see my reflection?  Ooops. Photography 101 no no.

Another red & white tree–love it!

This ice bird looks so real.

JuBean liked this penguin, she kept pointing at it.

I REALLY enjoyed this elegant tree with gold pinecones and brown colors.

It reminded me of the Christmas song “Silver and Gold”.

Couldn’t help but get a shot of my favorite instrument…the lovely baby grand.

And this guitar is for my two big sons that play these cool cat (and loud) instruments.

Fun, fun was our afternoon frolicking in the forest of Christmas trees.

Even though I am not mentally ready for the Christmas craziness to begin (I mean heavens we still have Thanksgiving in a week!),

 I do think today I became a little more in the mood for it.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What a thrilling and busy week we have had. ¬†Our family was heavily involved with the iFamily youth group (iShakespeareLive!) play this last week. ¬†They performed Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. ¬†Whew! That was ¬†a lot of work. ¬†But with anything worthwhile, it was all worth the immense effort and time put in. ¬† Dolly M was Helena, Eboo was a little fairy, Presto got to sub in for the last two performances, and JQ was the head Stage Crew guy! After working hard since January on this play, it all came together and was a great success. ¬†Now we can get back to regular life. ¬†Here are some pictures of the performance week.


 Presto and Eboo standing in line shaking hands.
 Jace (Demetrius), Dolly M (Helena), Natalie (Hermia), and Grant, (Lysander)
¬†Demetrius doting on Helena ūüôā
My Shakespearean girls!
 Hermia (Natalie) and Helena (Dolly M)
 Eboo getting ready back stage with all the fairies.
 Presto sitting on the stage during one of his scenes.  
Bravo, bravo!

Going to the dance!

 Handsome JQ.  
I had to grab him right before he drove away to get this picture.  I think his foot is in the car!


Dolly M’s hair turned out great. ¬†I watched a YouTube tutorial on it and then practiced a bunch. ¬†Thanks Dolly M for being patient with your Mom trying to be a hair dresser.
Dolly M and her good friend Kassidy.  
Again, they were late so I couldn’t get a good picture of them in their dresses! ¬†Next time I will though!
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