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Birthday Photos: Eboo, B Trout & Dolly M

Happy Birthday to my spring babies- April, May and June. (And yes I know it is the middle of summer now.)

You all make my life full and crazy happy. I am blessed to be apart of your lives.

Eboo received her first phone!



B Trout, the bachelor!


Dolly M our first college woman.


Punch to the Gut-Dolly M is Leaving

Writing a post about children leaving our nest royally stinks. These are those moments when I wonder, “Why do I create posts like this? This is self torture.”

Dolly M, my oldest daughter and the 4th child, is now on her way into the real world…or rather, the college world. She is on the edge of the nest, suit case in hand and ready to try her wings.

So many memories of Dolly M are flooding my mind’s eye right now, especially as I peruse over all the gut wrenching photos of her sparkling, beautiful smile.

I wonder where all the time has gone, where all the days and months have evaporated to and am oddly hearing in my head (which is rather freaky) “Sunrise, Sunset”.

NO, NO, NO!! Stop, stop, stop! No sunrises or sunsets. I am not ready to be a Tzeitel.

Let’s just concentrate on the positives and be grown up about this. Save the blubbering for when I am in the house… after she drives away… where she cannot see me do the ugly cry thing.

OK, the positives:

Number one: After three handsome, fun-loving boys, I got a girl to play dress-up and not get squirted when I changed her diaper.

Number two: I finally had a child that I could buy baby dolls, strollers and miniature kitchens for her to play house with instead of the guns, swords, trucks and army men.

Number three: Having bows, ribbons and bobby pins scattered all over the bathroom drawers made me smile and appreciate that she could grow her hair out and didn’t need a haircut every 4-6 weeks!

Number four: It’s pretty comforting having another female, hormonal and all, to be on my side when there is wrestling before family prayer, marathon ESPN game days, and debates over what masculine movie we should watch.

Number five: I love that Dolly M has her head on straight and is grounded, loves and cherishes all things family, loves God with all her heart, treats others kindly, makes good choices, and wants to keep learning and become her best self.

I guess that says it all–I am one blessed mama. A mama that is losing another baby bird.

When each of you shall in your nest
Among your young ones take your rest,
In chirping language, oft them tell,
You had a dam that loved you well,
That did what could be done for young,
And nursed you up till you were strong,
And ‘fore she once would let you fly,
She showed you joy and misery;
Taught what was good, and what was ill,
What would save life, and what would kill.
Thus gone, amongst you I may live,
And dead, yet speak, and counsel give:
Farewell, my birds, farewell adieu,
I happy am, if well with you.

(From “In Reference To Her Children” by Anne Bradstreet)

Fly strong Dolly M, and fly high and straight!


May, June, July Birthdays

Sorry, but I haven’t wished  B Trout, Dolly M, and JuBean birthday wishes yet.

I am drastically running behind this summer.

B Trout was in May.

His first birthday home since he left for his mission.

It’s so wonderful having you back B Trout!!


Dolly M was in June.

This year was that magical “Sweet Sixteen” birthday for her.

And according to Dolly M, it was the best birthday EVER.


And finally, but not least, JuBean was in July.

My baby girl is growing up.


Each of you mean the world to me and I love being your Mom.


Luv u!  Mom xoxo

Dolly M is Driving!

I never thought I would be at the point of having my fourth child joining the world of driving.

You know what that means, don’t you.

I. Am. Old.

Dolly M has had her permit since last October, but with the bad winter roads and a busy life, she hasn’t had a lot of chances to practice.

But now, she is literally driving me all over.

Yesterday after picking her up from seminary, she drove all over town and even on the freeway…three times!

I swear it was just yesterday when she was that little girl watching Dumbo for the bazillionth time, dressing herself in a tutu and swimming suit and tearing off wallpaper in the bathroom during one of her many time outs. (Thinking back now and knowing Dolly M better, I don’t think she was trying to be naughty, she just wanted to redecorate the bathroom.)

Dolly M, you are blowing my mind at how fast you are growing up.

You will be sixteen in three short months and then….poof, you will be gone.  Just like your three older brothers.

How dare you do that to me!

Sigh…I guess I will just enjoy these scary permit drives you take me on and your incessant pleadings to do it MORE!

I love you Dolly M, but…


…help me.


Last Day of Fall Semester

iFamily’s Fall Semester has ended.

We get a two month break and start up again the end of January.

Our family has enjoyed all of our classes so much and I am thrilled with what my children are learning there.

In fact, here is a list of just my children’s classes this past semester.

JQ‘s classes:

1) Say What? (a High School/College level writing class)

2) Sword of Freedom (a scholar Civil War class)

3) ACTivate (an advanced acting class- they are performing a play in January)

Dolly M‘s classes:

1) Choir (a choir class that performed two different times)

2) Foundations of Liberty (a scholar leadership class that are planning a Youth Conference this summer)

3) ACTivate (an advanced acting class- they are performing a play in January)

Babups’ classes:

1) iShakespeareLive (a scholar Shakespeare class- they are performing a Shakespeare play Spring 2013)

2) Manners Matter (a class teaching etiquette and proper manners)

3) Out of This World (an astronomy science class)

EBoo’s classes:

1) Choir (a choir class that performed two different times)

2) Pioneer Too (a Love of Learning class about the pioneers)

3) Hullabaloo (a Love of Learning class where they learn unique and old fashioned games)

Presto’s classes:

1) Pioneer Too (a Love of Learning class about the pioneers)

2) Creative Corner (a Core arts and crafts class)

3) Children’s Choir

Here in these pictures, EBoo’s Hullabaloo class are playing some games on the side walk.  It was a perfect day to play outside.

Thanks Tracy for a fun time of games!





Here is Babups’ Manners Matter class that on the last day had an Etiquette Dinner to show off all their new manners.


The kids made the food and created the table decor.


Thank you Keri for helping to refine my son and teach him those critical manners that matter.  He’s already implementing them in our family.


Then, at the end of the day, the newly formed iFamily Orchestra played for us all in their first ever concert.





I was blown away at how good they sounded for only having 12 class periods.  Yeah, they didn’t sound like the Philharmonic, but they were awesome!!

This is Jennifer, the conductor and brain-child of the fantastic iFamily Orchestra.

Jen… briliant, beautiful, boogle-my-mind amazing.

Thank you.

I’m looking forward to next semester.


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