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Birthday Photos: Eboo, B Trout & Dolly M

Happy Birthday to my spring babies- April, May and June. (And yes I know it is the middle of summer now.) You all make my life full and crazy happy. I am blessed to be apart of your lives. Eboo received her first phone! B Trout, the bachelor! Dolly M our first college woman.

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Punch to the Gut-Dolly M is Leaving

Writing a post about children leaving our nest royally stinks. These are those moments when I wonder, “Why do I create posts like this? This is self torture.” Dolly M, my oldest daughter and the 4th child, is now on her way into the real world…or rather, the college world. She is on the edge of the…

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May, June, July Birthdays

Sorry, but I haven’t wished  B Trout, Dolly M, and JuBean birthday wishes yet. I am drastically running behind this summer. B Trout was in May. His first birthday home since he left for his mission. It’s so wonderful having you back B Trout!! Dolly M was in June. This year was that magical “Sweet…

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Last Day of Fall Semester

iFamily’s Fall Semester has ended. We get a two month break and start up again the end of January. Our family has enjoyed all of our classes so much and I am thrilled with what my children are learning there. In fact, here is a list of just my children’s classes this past semester. JQ‘s…