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Punch to the Gut-Dolly M is Leaving

Writing a post about children leaving our nest royally stinks. These are those moments when I wonder, “Why do I create posts like this? This is self torture.”

Dolly M, my oldest daughter and the 4th child, is now on her way into the real world…or rather, the college world. She is on the edge of the nest, suit case in hand and ready to try her wings.

So many memories of Dolly M are flooding my mind’s eye right now, especially as I peruse over all the gut wrenching photos of her sparkling, beautiful smile.

I wonder where all the time has gone, where all the days and months have evaporated to and am oddly hearing in my head (which is rather freaky) “Sunrise, Sunset”.

NO, NO, NO!! Stop, stop, stop! No sunrises or sunsets. I am not ready to be a Tzeitel.

Let’s just concentrate on the positives and be grown up about this. Save the blubbering for when I am in the house… after she drives away… where she cannot see me do the ugly cry thing.

OK, the positives:

Number one: After three handsome, fun-loving boys, I got a girl to play dress-up and not get squirted when I changed her diaper.

Number two: I finally had a child that I could buy baby dolls, strollers and miniature kitchens for her to play house with instead of the guns, swords, trucks and army men.

Number three: Having bows, ribbons and bobby pins scattered all over the bathroom drawers made me smile and appreciate that she could grow her hair out and didn’t need a haircut every 4-6 weeks!

Number four: It’s pretty comforting having another female, hormonal and all, to be on my side when there is wrestling before family prayer, marathon ESPN game days, and debates over what masculine movie we should watch.

Number five: I love that Dolly M has her head on straight and is grounded, loves and cherishes all things family, loves God with all her heart, treats others kindly, makes good choices, and wants to keep learning and become her best self.

I guess that says it all–I am one blessed mama. A mama that is losing another baby bird.

When each of you shall in your nest
Among your young ones take your rest,
In chirping language, oft them tell,
You had a dam that loved you well,
That did what could be done for young,
And nursed you up till you were strong,
And ‘fore she once would let you fly,
She showed you joy and misery;
Taught what was good, and what was ill,
What would save life, and what would kill.
Thus gone, amongst you I may live,
And dead, yet speak, and counsel give:
Farewell, my birds, farewell adieu,
I happy am, if well with you.

(From “In Reference To Her Children” by Anne Bradstreet)

Fly strong Dolly M, and fly high and straight!


JQ’s Mission Anniversary


JQ left on April 10, 2013.

He came home April 10, 2015.


Yes, that is exactly 24 months.

Funny thing, that is how JQ is—exact.

No sharing straws, cups, or spoons.

His bed is always made, pristine and wrinkle-free.

When he was leaving on his mission, I came to his bedroom to help him pack his suitcase and this is what I found on his bed…

Ties & shoes lined up.

pure packing exactness. It was beautiful!

Now he has been home for a year, exactly one year from today,

and it has been heaven having him back.

Love ya JQ.




Birthday Photos for JQ, Babups, & Presto

It’s time to get these photos up to show our Birthdays for January, February, and March.

These birthdays are all squished into 5 weeks so it feels like all we do is open birthday gifts and eat birthday cake…or pie…or cupcakes.

Happy Birthday you three!

JQ is officially an adult!



Presto is our Star Wars maniac!



Babups is now official. Watch out night drivers and all you girls!


Grandpa Babups


“Grumpy Grandpa” is what I call this picture.

I was just trying to get a close up of him but he wasn’t one bit amused.


Now this cute-bushy-mustache Grandpa look is more appealing, Babups.

Our iFamily home school play “Everybody Nose”, was a hit a couple of weeks ago.

Babups played the story telling, Grandpa/narrator in the play which entailed fairies, princesses, enchanted forests, and a handsome prince that had a really super big, big, big nose.

(CaRynn working her magic aging Babups 50+ years.)


The cast and crew were fabulous and entertaining and the costumes, makeup, hair and scenery–I’d say were quite superb.

I just love live entertainment that is wholesome and well done.

Thanks goes out to Heather F. (and all the other Moms) for their efforts and sacrifice to make another production wonderfully successful.

I tell you…home school Moms ROCK!

(Which reminds me–that is another post for another time.)

APPLAUSE for all you adorable performers. I enjoyed every minute!



The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Last May, Babups was in our iFamily Shakespeare play, “The Two Gentleman of Verona”.


Babups was the bad guy, Proteus.

Hence, the black costume.

I mean, Proteus was a good guy at first but then he turned into a two timer and slime ball.

It was a great play and I was very impressed with the young cast’s abilities.

As part of the play, Babups had to grow out his hair as long as he could.

This was interesting at the end…some wild crazy hair for sure.



Great job being the bad guy, Babups.

You had a lot of hard Shakespeare lines to memorize…amazing!

I loved seeing you swagger across the stage and fight with a sword.

Pretty entertaining!


I hope this is the first of many plays to come.


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